10 Good practices for applying business transformation processes

we talk about the challenge of many companies at the time of undertaking a successful business transformation and how to achieve it.

Let’s see the rest of the recommendations below so that your improvement process is successful.


10 Tips to start a business transformation project (part two)


6. Communications and benefits plan

To ensure the support of the entire team, it is convenient to communicate the resulting benefits . It is essential that workers know how the change in their daily tasks will affect and what are the advantages obtained.

For example, certain technological tools facilitate the work of employees who previously had to work manually, saving money and time. This will significantly reduce human errors and result in a higher level of production, increased profits and improvements in the working conditions of employees. That said, a comprehensive communications plan with clear and concise messages is what the stakeholders need.


7. Involve the team in the project

As we have already said, it is important to bring together one or several managers or stakeholders within the organization . They will set the expectations for change and ensure that the project meets all needs.

However, this team will provide important information to implement the strategies, so that employees are aware of success and accept change . Thus, all interested parties should be involved in the improvement of business processes to a greater or lesser extent. It all depends on the roles and responsibilities of each department.


8. Develop training programs

These personnel training programs are key to any company that wishes to succeed. All companies must have level professionals who have the skills and tools to support their development. That is something that is essential today when technological transformations prevail .

Implementing these programs carries multiple benefits. On the one hand, the existing deficiencies in the company are addressed to achieve better results when it comes to reducing costs, increasing the client portfolio , greater number of sales, and so on. On the other, the work environment is improved, we enhance talent and ensure progress in the career of employees.


9. Employ recognition and offer rewards

Strengthen positive behaviors within a company pes key in improving business processes. In addition, each business must have  specific reward and recognition programs . Keep in mind that if there is no reinforcement, people will not find any motivation to change their performances.


10. Monitor the degree of impact of the project

The projects, just as they are successful, fail. During the validation phase, it is necessary to implement standard reports that are accessible to all . Maintaining communication with employees is important to motivate them and achieve the objectives. Each person learns in their own way and this is an efficient way for everyone to know what is happening and understand it.

Companies are subject to   continuous changes , the result of various factors. The needs of the market and customers change, but the actions of the competition also incite the improvement process.

On the other hand, we have the technological innovation that guarantees greater competitiveness and the tendency to digital transformation in order to adapt to the new habits of the user. It is even possible that an organization is affected by internal changes such as successions, acquisitions, abandonment or incorporation of relevant people, and so on.

Thus, transformation must be part of a strategy to achieve effective control that fights barriers to change and frequent mistakes. Previous practices are helpful to move forward, perhaps slowly but surely.


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