The look of the beard says a lot about a man. Like the hairstyle or clothing, the beard plays a very important role in the first impression. It is true growing your bread stronger and thicker is challenge for mammy men .One of the strongest attributes of male appearance is, stylish beard. According to Forbes news bread men has recently gained more prestige that attract the attention of women. The beard style of men is a synonym of elegance and confidence, and adds to his look charismatic power. Having a beard of respect requires more than just letting hair grow, it goes much further: some specific care is needed to maintain a symmetrical. In this article, you will learn 6 powerful tips that will help you to have and maintain a beard of respect. Check out:


Beard of Respect: Why you need to trim your beard regularly


The beard should be trimmed according to the size you want, however, shorter beards should be trimmed in short periods of about two weeks, longer beards can be untouched for up to a month.If you are one of those who still don’t have much practice or are now starting to grow your beard, it may be interesting, at the beginning, to go to the barber so that he makes a drawing that looks nice on your face and pleases you.


Going to a professional is essential. Each beard is a world, so it needs different care and tricks. In addition, the ideal thing is that the barber is the person who draws up the initial design since he will advise you when choosing the right shape and hairstyle for the shape of your face and your type of beard. Likewise, it is recommended to return to it once a month so that it works on the shape and texture that, later, you will take care of keeping at home.



The beard faces a large number of bacteria throughout the day; from food scraps, through tobacco smoke, to different particles that are in the environment. In addition, in cold weather, the skin under the beard suffers, eventually peeling. Therefore, it is very important to wash your beard with soap and water in the morning and at night.


How to clean your beard properly


Dirty beards look unpleasant, and obviously poor hygiene completely destroys the full potential of any beard.

In order not to take this risk, write down these tips: A healthy and elegant beard must be cleaned with specific products such as shaving shampoo , which already exists on the market.

If you don’t find the specific beard product, you can use baby shampoo that doesn’t have a strong chemical.

And if that is your case, every time you wash your hair, also wash your beard, including using the conditioner, this will make it softer and more supple. The good thing about shaving shaves is that they have antibacterial action and help to remove dirt completely, in addition to preventing frizz.

Another important tip is to never stop drying it after washing. Beards that stay wet for a long time favor irritation and develop bacteria. Cleaning is such an important step that it should even be done before you start trimming it.

It is more common than thought that the beard does not get the desired result, because it has not been cleaned before. In this case, however, give preference to an exfoliating soap to help remove all dead cells.

How to shave properly to avoid aftershave folliculitis


It may be that your beard grows back more easily if you trim your hair by making movements contrary to their growth, this method usually works for some men and not for others; in this case then, you will only know how to test yourself.

If you want to test, try washing it with warm water and leaving it moist before shaving so that the hairs are soft and come out more easily.


To have a perfect beard, use an aftershave lotion


You may think that aftershave is just a whim, but it certainly isn’t … That’s because its constant use helps hair to be controlled and shaped according to your taste.

In addition, its function is also to moisturize the skin, reducing irritability, since the shaving process damages the skin a lot, as it is very aggressive due to the use of the razor. Products of natural origin are better for use, as they greatly reduce the risk of developing skin irritations, due to the fact that they have fewer ingredients in their formula.

So, for a full and elegant beard, don’t think twice: invest in a good aftershave lotion.



The use of wax is usually more common in the mustache, with the aim of giving it the desired shape and preventing it from tousling. However, this product can also be used on the beard for the same purposes. By waxing it, we will avoid tangles and an appearance of excessive carelessness. Also, it is much easier to style your beard after applying a little wax on it. It will have a much more careful and healthy appearance.

Beard oil:


The main purpose of shaving oil is to moisturize the hair , prevent shaving dandruff, and reduce itching and irritation.

An important tip about the product: be careful not to overuse it and, thus, develop pimples on the face and leave the skin too oily and shiny.

Remember: your beard accumulates dirt just like any other part of your body. For this reason, keeping it clean and neat is very important, including for maintaining health.

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