Here are 6 guidelines for low-cost roofing

Nobody wants to know how to start a rooftop garden within a budget. Many people think roofing is a luxury. Really? I think you can start a good quality garden at very little cost. That’s why you need to move forward with the right plan.

Tips for gardening within a budget

The good news is that you can start your garden at a low cost within your budget. Here is a list of things you need to do to reduce the cost of gardening – these are easy for gardeners to do.

Start from seed

Everyone knows that it is cheaper to cultivate vegetables, perennials and perennial plants than seeds. However, buying all seeds for the first time is a bit expensive. So start with a few seeds and increase the collection of seeds over time, and increase the cultivation range.

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Talk to friends and neighbors and see if anyone has seeds. You can cultivate by exchanging the seeds in your collection with the extra seeds in your collection. Or you can go to the nearest nursery to buy the seeds and share the cost of buying the seeds by sharing what you buy. While you may not need all the seeds in the seed packet, the cost can be reduced by sharing the seeds with the seeds stored in the others.


Your first garden can be started from seed

In the beginning, never go to the garden with expensive seeds.

Buy old equipment

To start gardening within a budget, start with the old equipment of others. Sometimes many former gardeners rarely sell the old equipment used in their garden. Many times the gardeners have to sell their equipment before changing houses. You can start buying gardening equipment like this. In that case you have to be careful with these old equipment. Steel tools can often rust.

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Many people sometimes give it away for free while switching houses. It is possible to find all the old equipment including pots, tubs, shawls, weeds, fences, seeds, gloves, shovels, trowels.



Gardening equipment

There are other ways to find gardening equipment and supplies at an even cheaper cost. You need to do a little bit of racing to find them.

Your friends and neighbors who garden regularly, see what tools they can borrow. They may even have things that they can use for a while.


You can easily start a garden by reusing everyday things you already have.


Garden with old bottles

You can make an old drum or bucket to make a compost basket, use plastic food utensils or one-time coffee glass to make saplings from the seeds, as well as a plastic bowl of cup ice cream, using old brick or wood to give a border wall to your garden plants. .

Avoid cultivating annual plants

Instead of buying expensive perennial plants for the tub during the summer, you can use different types of domestic plants for planting. Spider plants, pothos and succulents  are some of the common indoor plants that can enhance the beauty of your garden. They are also not very expensive. You can read about domestic plants .

Many eminent gardeners do not plant perennial plants to make affordable gardens. Instead, take some home plants out of your garden in the summer.

Spider Plant

Domestic plants prefer to stay indoors and they can change the look of the garden during the summer. But do not bring home plants at all. It can die suddenly without adapting to the heat of the extreme road. It has to be adapted more slowly to the light of the sun. At first, keep them out of the shed for a few days, increasing the range of light by a little each day. Thus, once in a while they will adapt to daylight.

Collect pen-cutting

You might be thinking, everything from vegetables to seeds will start from the seed, but is it really possible to get good varieties of mango or guava or squash from the seeds? It is not possible for all trees or plants to grow from seed, or from seed to maternal species. Again, some plants have uneven lineages. The good news is that virtually all perennials, mostly herbs and vines, and many trees can be easily bred by pen-cutting.

Plant by planting a tree

Have a good relationship with a neighbor or familiar gardener For pen-cutting of the desired plant, cut some pencil-shaped stems from it, put them in moist perlite-filled containers, and within a few weeks or months your roots and leaves will begin to bud out. . This pen-cutting will be available for free from contacts.

Make the soil yourself

Buying from compost and all-natural nursery is wonderful to use. You don’t have to swim in any hassle. However, you can make them yourself if you want. Think about what is actually in that compost – most animal and kitchen by-products (such as bone powder, vegetable extracts, peels, discarded foods, etc.) and various organic ingredients (such as wood powder cocoa powder, coconut powder, etc.). – It is not possible for many to spend money for them. If you don’t have your own poultry farm (it’s impossible to have your own poultry farm in the city flat) or another livestock farm, you can definitely buy these at a small price from the local poultry farm or meat shop nearby. And with your own vegetables, there is a leftover food.


Compost can be made at home

Fertilizers can be made with any kind of organic material in the simplest way. Make them into a pile together and turn them into black compost, keeping them in a closed condition for several months. To add extra value, place the egg yolks and knead them in compost (calcium and phosphorus will be added), and when seaside, you can harvest some seaweed algae. These algae provide extra micro nutrients in the fertilizer. Of course, before mixing the algae, soak it in salt water so that the sea salt does not mix.

Start short

When you first start gardening, do not give up easily. Do not be too happy with the slightest gain. Start small and keep planting by making a list of everything you need to meet your family’s food needs.

Tomatoes, cucumbers and squash can all be cultivated through vertical or vertical gardens. There may be an abundance of certain vegetables or fruits in your garden, or your family may not share your family because of the small amount of vegetables or fruits you cultivate. There is nothing to be upset about. You can at least eat your own cultivated vegetables, what is that less?

Meet your family’s need for safe food from your own garden. Reduce the use of chemicals in food by using organic fertilizers and bio-fungicides.

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