50 ways to be happy

If you don’t read these tips and apply them in your life, then don’t complain about not being happy. With these 50 tips you will realize that being happy is not that difficult.

We cannot pretend that happiness is a constant element in our lives. What we can do is instead of living each day as if it were the last, getting the most out of each experience. Remember that at the end of the trip, the only luggage we will take will be what we experienced, the lessons learned and appreciated.

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Take a look at this list of ways to be happy and use the ones you think you need to add to your life:

  1. Always wake up with a good attitude each day; it will change the whole perspective.
  2. Spend twenty minutes a day on some exercise or walk to oxygenate your body and making decisions will be easier.
  3. Look for an opportunity to be silent for ten minutes each day, it is a way to share the time with yourself.
  4. Every thing you have to do, do it with love.
  5. Listening to good music daily is a food for the spirit.
  6. Allow each day to have a purpose, however small.
  7. Live with energy, enthusiasm and empathy: the “3E” formula.
  8. Whenever you can, play with your children.
  9. Read: alone, to inspire positive thoughts and with the family to keep it together.
  10. Look at the sky, at least once a day; realize the greatness of the world around you.
  11. Allow yourself small moments of reverie.
  12. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods or those that come from the sacrifice of a living being.
  13. Thank for your food, many people have nothing to eat; but most of all, teach your children this healthy practice.
  14. Thank people who make small sacrifices to help you become better.
  15. Smile and laugh more.
  16. Try to make someone laugh at least three people every day.
  17. Remove clutter from your home, your car and your work environment, thereby allowing a new flow of energy into your life.
  18. Don’t waste your time on gossip, things from the past, negative thoughts or things that you have no control over.
  19. Invest your energy in the positive in the present.
  20. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are lessons that come and go, whatever you learn from them, you will keep for life.
  21. Remember that your worst enemy is yourself; love yourself and slowly improve, starting by changing what you don’t like about yourself.
  22. Don’t miss the opportunity to embrace the one you love.
  23. Practice forgiveness, life is too short to waste time hating someone.
  24. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Nobody else does that.
  25. You will not always win every argument; accept what you don’t agree with and learn from others.
  26. Learn to “turn the page after each chapter in your life”; make peace with your past so that it doesn’t ruin your present.
  27. Do not compare your life with that of others; you have no idea of ​​the path they have had to take in their lives.
  28. No one is responsible for your happiness except yourself.
  29. Do not seek happiness by placing your expectations on others, because no human being has the function of fulfilling your desires.
  30. Remember that you are not in control of what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.
  31. Learn something new every day.
  32. Only you can allow what others think of you to affect you; remember that it is almost impossible to make everyone happy.
  33. Enjoy your body, appreciate it and take care of it.
  34. No matter how good or bad a situation is, it will change.
  35. Your job won’t take care of you when you’re sick, your friends will. Stay in touch with them.
  36. Discard what is not useful, beautiful or even funny.
  37. Envy is a waste of time. You already have everything you need.
  38. Think that the best is yet to come.
  39. No matter how you feel, get up, get dressed and help.
  40. Enjoy more, complain less.
  41. Love your partner and express your love for him.
  42. Let your family know how much you love them through a phone call, a letter or an email.
  43. Every night before going to bed, give thanks in prayer for everything you have experienced during the day, even for the trials that life gives you.
  44. Remember that there are more blessings than difficulties and that you are too blessed to be stressed.
  45. Enjoy the journey. You only have one chance, so make the best of it.
  46. Take care of your health through the correct posture of your body, which will allow you to be aware of yourself.
  47. Do not complain about your age, each human age brings moments to enjoy alone or in the company of our loved ones; “Old age” is not a physical condition, but a mental one.
  48. Don’t judge anyone.
  49. Don’t criticize.
  50. If you have no material possessions to give, give yourself a little.

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