5 useful objects to stimulate imagination and creativity in children

The children throughout childhood they need to have a rich environment, varied and stimulating to encourage the development of body and mind. For children, the moments of play are not just fun, they are a real learning opportunity.

It is indeed true that by learning you learn by playing . A child engaged in creating a tower by superimposing wooden cubes is testing his sense of space and increasing his ability to concentrate. This is why it is essential for children to dedicate time to play and it is even more important to have the most suitable objects and materials available.

Nowadays children are attracted early to electronic devices mainly because they want to imitate their parents’ behavior . However, new technologies risk limiting the time spent playing outdoors and in the company of friends as well as manual and creative activities typical of childhood.

According to Albert Einstein “Gambling is the highest form of research” . If we observe a child while he plays, we can discover many things about him. And it is precisely through play that the child explores the world and begins to know both himself and his surroundings.

There are objects which, by their importance in childhood, go far beyond the classic children’s toys that we could buy in a supermarket. Probably we adults have very specific memories related to what we played with as children.

The same proposals could still positively attract today’s children and stimulate them to develop their imagination and creativity. At the same time the pastimes that will arise from these objects will keep them engaged in a positive way.

Here are the 5 items that every child should have available during childhood .


  • A world globe
  • A bicycle
  • A personalized library
  • A musical instrument
  • A box of constructions

A world globe

world map , an atlas, a map of Europe or the whole planet, or the map of a fantastic place or for a treasure hunt. Children are very attracted to maps and globes. The world globe is not only a didactic tool traditionally used at school to teach geography, it is first of all a cue to travel with the imagination and reach faraway places.

Starting from a simple world map, we can invent numerous games and pastimes to dedicate to children. When they grow thanks to the world map they will begin to memorize the names of countries and cities, but when they are still very small, they can simply start to discover that outside the place where they live there is a whole world to explore.

A bicycle

You all probably remember the great sense of freedom you experienced the first time you were able to ride a new bicycle safely. The bike is the first tool with which children can enjoy the desire to discover what surrounds them by moving independently to the outside.

Cycling is an experience full of life lessons. It teaches children to keep their balance by pedaling, gives them a good opportunity to spend time outdoors, leads them to discover nature thanks to trips to the park and greenery and makes them safer.

A personalized library

A single book is not enough. Children will learn to appreciate the books if they have many to choose from their favorites. The love for reading and for books can be born as a child also thanks to the help of parents who make these truly precious objects available to children.

You can start reading books aloud to your children when they are still very young and then teach them to do it on their own starting from age-appropriate stories . Near the games you can place a small library where you can collect all your children’s books. These precious friends, if children are attracted to reading, will be reread dozens of times over the years.

A musical instrument

If children learn to play a musical instrument from an early age, or otherwise try to get closer to music, they will probably cultivate this passion even later in life. Children are naturally attracted to music and usually have a great sense of rhythm.

Musical instruments are a real school of life . True, not all children will turn into professional musicians when they grow up, but they will be able to appreciate the pleasure of listening to music or learning to play the piano, flute or guitar. Even in the case of music, leave the children free to explore. If you put musical instruments at their disposal, you may find that your children have a hidden talent.

A box of constructions

Perhaps you also remember your building box from when you were a child as one of the pastimes you played with most and that helped you free your imagination to create new worlds and characters with their stories.

here are construction boxes with different sized bricks based on the age of the children so that the little ones are not at risk by playing with tiny constructions. The ideal would be to provide them with boxes of bricks and wooden constructions that also include pieces that make the game more fun as wheels and characters to create stories using fantasy.

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