5 tips to properly disinfect your clothes at home

However, not everyone can afford to wash their clothes through such services. That is why, from Mr Jeff, they provide 5 basic and easy to apply tips on how to wash and disinfect clothes at home, as much as possible.

1. Use a lot of water in each wash , if possible more than usual, and avoid washing with very large loads since it is important that the clothes have space to stir properly.

2. Use more detergent than usual in each wash, using granular or high resistance liquid detergent since it better retains the suspended dirt and therefore better removes any residue.

3. In case the clothes are contaminated with sewage, chemicals or other toxic materials, use a special disinfectant product in the wash , such as bleach (one cup in the wash cycle is sufficient).

4. If there is someone sick in your house, in addition to bleach, it is important to wash their clothes in high temperatures , at least at 60C, so that the virus cannot survive.

5. If you have a tumble dryer, drying at high temperature will also help to disinfect clothes as long as they are clean after washing. Another option, if you do not have this appliance, is to press with a hot iron, being especially useful for some cotton clothes and bedding.

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