Coronavirus: Disinfect Your Smartphone

In our confinement and, above all, when we go out the essential times to buy, we seek to take the maximum precautions not to be infected with the happy Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ). Gloves, mask, protective clothing to the extent that each one can be obtained, … Everything is little.

Some epidemiologists have given figures that show the permanence of the virus on surfaces of different materials ranging from four hours to almost ten days , depending on what type of material it is.

The main routes of infection to avoid are the fingers, mouth, nose, and eyes . Now let’s do an exercise in imagination: what object that we always carry with us do we systematically approach our face, grasping it with our fingers? Bingo! our smartphone .

Our entire terminal is an immense breeding ground for this pathogen , and especially the entire edge where the screen meets the edges and the rest of the body. They are difficult to clean and, in fact, under normal conditions, we just wipe the screen to see it better, and at most the camera lens, but little else.

So how do we effectively disinfect our phone?

No, it is not a good idea to use this with our smartphone

‘Professional’ remedies

Those who have access to an ultraviolet lamp that works by emitting light that is between 200 and 280 nanometers, have an advantage: they can sanitize objects and surfaces without having to come into contact with them .

In fact, in medical offices and hospitals we can find lamps of this type, and there are large format lamps to sanitize industrial environments.

In Amazon, as well as in other electronic stores, we can also find ultraviolet lights specially designed to use with our terminals .

However, and since it is not usual to have a light of this type at home, we can opt for disinfectant wipes . These have several advantages, such as their price (a package of between 50 and 100 can range between € 4 and € 9) and their availability in supermarkets and shops .

Home remedies’

Well, we have already been in confinement for a few days and, with so much to think about, we did not take into account that at some point we could have to sanitize our smartphone. No problem … if we have the right elements, of course.

Ear buds? Isopropyl alcohol with a 70% solution? We can dip the swabs in the alcoholic solution and pass it thoroughly throughout the terminal. We must make sure that the alcohol is the right type.

70% isopropyl alcohol is a special liquid, a type of alcohol used in disinfectants, and is used in the technology sector to clean technology components. It is also used in industrial processes.

If you wear glasses, you will probably have microfiber cloths

If we have microfiber cloths, such as those used to clean glasses , we can soak them slightly in the solution and pass them through our terminal. That we don’t have the right alcohol? We can replace it with hydrogen peroxide .

Let’s think that our smartphone is an object that we have in constant contact with our fingers and our face, the main sources of contagion of the Coronavirus. Properly sanitizing it, especially if we have taken it outside for any reason, is a guarantee of life .


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