5 tips for taking advantage of Analytics

Google Analytics always manages to make the most of the analysis, organization and visualization features. Let’s see 5 amazing things you can do with this Google service.

View the most important analytics first

If there is one (or more) data that you want to have immediately visible every time you log in, you can configure it by going to the dashboards.

You can create multiple dashboards, each of which can contain multiple widgets. To create a new dashboard, go to Dashboard in your analytics menu bar and select “new dashboard”: then add your widgets. You can choose from widgets that show a certain metric: a pie chart that compares the metrics. A timeline of one or two metrics or a table showing a dimension with two specific metrics. Each type of widget can also be filtered.

The best part of the dashboard is that you can change the date range. Also you can see all your widgets updated with the date range data you have selected. This is great if you want to have an overview of your stats in one place.

Find out which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions

Are you curious to know which of your online marketing campaigns are most effective in terms of traffic and conversions on your website?

To create an advanced segment click on the “ Advanced Segments ” drop-down menu and then click on “ New Custom Segment “. If you want to track traffic from local search directories, you can call the custom segment ” Local Search Profiles ” and start inserting sites with profiles like maps.google.com/maps/ for Google Places and yelp.com for the own Yelp directory.

Once you’ve entered all the domains you want to monitor, you can preview the segment to make sure it’s tracking the correct data and then save the segment. To view it, click on the advanced segments, check the custom segment you want to view and click Apply.

Now you can see all the traffic and goal conversion data coming in from those sources which will give you an idea of ​​what works best for your website. With the right custom segments, you can find out the ROI of your social media campaign and your other online marketing strategies.

Determine the best target

Have you considered the use of advertising through Google, Facebook or other services? If not, it could be a daunting task to determine who you should target when setting up your ads. Many of them will ask if you want to focus on a particular country or target your ad worldwide.

Thanks to Google Analytics , you don’t have to worry. Just look under the visitor menu to see your visitors’ demographics and location.

Here you can see your stats, including the average time on site and the bounce rate (the bounce rate of visitors) for certain countries.

You will now know the specific locations whose visitors bring you the most conversions. Better targeting using visitor data can be of great help!

Find out what people are looking for on your site

Would you like to find out what visitors are looking for once they are on your site?

If your website has a search box, go ahead and perform a search to see the URL of the search results. Once done, click on the settings wheel icon in the top right corner. Find your profile settings. Under Site Search Settings, select the Track Site Search option and enter s as the query parameter (or the one that fits your site’s URL structure).

To see the results of this setup, go to the Content menu and the Site Search area. In Usage, you can see what terms are being searched for, whether visitors have refined their search, continued browsing your site or left which will let you know if they are looking for what they want. Under Pages, you can see which pages people are on when they decide to use the search feature. When you click on each page, you can see what terms they searched for.

Site Search can help you determine if people are looking for what they are looking for on your site. It can also give you ideas on which pages of your content need more specific information and what new content you can create on your site to engage your visitors more.

See what people click the most

Curious about where people go once on your site? In the “Content” menu, your website will be displayed in the Analytics browser with information on the percentage of clicks made on links within your website.

You can hover over each link to view more details. This can visually help you see which areas of your site are most popular and helps you identify where people click on your site the most.

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