10 functions Google Analytics offer us for our websites

Google Inc places at our disposal tools that help us manage and analyze our website. And one of those tools is Google Analytics , its launch was in 2006 and its objective is to help increase the profitability of online businesses or pages. Let’s see some advantages of Google Analytics, then some alternatives.

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  1. What are the benefits of having a hit counter on my website?
  2. What functions does Google Analytics offer us for our websites?
    1. Record
    2. Statistics
    3. Advanced configuration
  3. Alternative methods to add a hit counter on my website
    1. With my web host
    2. Using a plugin or extension
    3. Creating a counter with PHP
    4. A third party accountant

What are the benefits of having a hit counter on my website?

A web visit counter will allow you to see the number of visitors you have had on your website, so you can get an idea of ​​how popular your page is becoming over time , knowing the traffic of your website will help you know that it is okay. and what things you should improve on your website, which will allow you to optimize your project and for more users to enter your website. With Google Analytics you can achieve the following:

  1. Know the users: You will be able to obtain information about who visits your site, from which country they do so, with which device they connect, the language they use, among other things.
  2. Explore their behavior: You will do this by studying users how and when they browse the web, what content they are looking for, the amount of time they stay on the site and how far their browsing reaches.
  3. Measure how they interact: With Google Analytics you can even see which buttons users click, this will help you see what is working on the web and you know better the tastes of users. It can also alert you to potential technical or design issues on the page.

What functions does Google Analytics offer us for our websites?

The main function that Google Analytics offers is that it will measure the impact of your website and what users do. With Google Analytics you can track which IP has visited the page and the behavior of users on your website.


This is a free tool provided by Google, through which you can collect statistics on what users are doing on your network. If you want to have this ally on your website, just have a Google account, installing this tool is very easy, you just have to include the code that Google Analytics sends you on all the pages of your website and it will start reading the statistics.


As for Google Analytics statistics, it measures all types of campaigns , according to how you configure it, you can record external data from campaigns by different means such as Facebook . You can see the measurements of your campaigns in real time, using the graphs and so you can see the amount of movement that is generated on your website, giving you a futuristic vision of how your network is doing.

Advanced configuration

You have the option to configure this tool as convenient for you in the advanced settings. You can configure the results that you are going to obtain, this is achieved by ordering the information according to the order you want , that is, according to what is most important to you.

Alternative methods to add a hit counter on my website

There are several alternative methods to have a hit counter on your website, however you want them. If you prefer to create them or external, depending on the amount of data you want to obtain. Let’s see some alternatives:

With my web host

A web host is a server that accumulates information and then passes the stored data to various websites. The web host provides service to clients in order to publish web sites on the internet . Through the hosts you can obtain information from your website.

Using a plugin or extension

The web analysis plugins or extensions help us to know the performance of your website and the movement of users or the traffic reached, which allows those who administer the website to obtain a lot of information about how users interact on a certain website.

Creating a counter with PHP

A PHP script counter can be used in a versatile way on any web page and does the same function of showing how many people have entered the web page.

A third party accountant

There are several alternatives to Google Analytics that are free, others must pay a monthly fee. Everything will depend on the amount of data you want to get and the number of pages you want to measure. We recommend that you analyze third-party counters, compare their functions and ease of use so that you can choose the most appropriate one.

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