5 smart tips for dealing with difficult people

. Stay calm
Then you can also better control the situation. If you let the anger or frustration take over, it is easy for you to lower yourself to the other party’s level. Count to ten before you say or do anything ill-considered.

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2. Choose Your Struggles
Ask yourself if the person you find outrageous is really worth arguing with or even confronting . You can certainly spend your valuable time and energy on something else and much more fun instead.

3. Wear the other party’s shoes
Yes, not literally of course. But give yourself a chance to look at the situation from his / her perspective. Can you understand that there may be something that makes him / her behave the way he / she does? Can you create some kind of understanding of why you find him / her difficult?

4. Distinguish between thing and person
Is it the person himself or herself or just the situation you have ended up in that makes you experience him / her as difficult? The difference is actually quite large on the two concepts.

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5. Give up
Realize that it is not possible to change other people. Sometimes there is only one solution and that is to give up and cut all ties with the one that you find difficult. This can of course mean that you have to change jobs, environment or socializing. But you know yourself best how much you are willing to sacrifice to escape this person, right

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