5 Reasons to study economics

You still haven’t decided on the degree you’re going to study, but do you have economics in mind? The following reasons may convince you to dedicate yourself to this social science.

In the first place, economics studies different economic processes by themselves, as well as the way in which societies relate to them; that is, it ranges from the ways of meeting needs to the ways in which a person or society can survive and / or prosper.


From whatever point of view,  the objective of economics is to study the distribution of economic goods , considering the processes of production, commercialization, distribution and consumption of these to satisfy the needs of the human being.

In the same way, the Economy analyzes the decisions between the resources available  (resources are always limited)  and the needs they cover  (which are also limited, but hierarchical).

So, if you like numbers more than letters, and have good analytical skills,  maybe you should consider studying for a degree in Economics . And these are some of the reasons why you should opt for this educational offer.

5 reasons to study economics

  1. It is a necessary career

Regarding the economic crises that are experienced in today’s societies and the wear and tear of the environment, Economic science has become essential to find solutions to these new scenarios.

  1. You will have a very extensive training

Economics is a comprehensive career, which not only trains professionals in what is purely economic but also psychology, philosophy, history, sociology, politics, law, statistics and mathematics  are some of the disciplines that are a fundamental part of the process.

  1. Economists have a broad field of work

In general, many think of an economist  when it is necessary to explain emerging issues in the face of a crisis or when analyzing the management of a government or a company; but in truth the economist is present all the time everywhere (even if he is not visible to us) and not only in government agencies or large companies at specific times.

Other areas to which you can dedicate yourself as an economist are research , teaching, financial institutions or even as a freelance consultant .

  1. If you like politics, with an economics degree you could find a place

If in addition to what is relevant to the economy you also like politics, with this career you can  combine both interests .

All national and international political parties, politicians themselves and we organize, need to  consult with a team of economists  to diagram or carry out a government plan.

  1. You will have fewer opportunities to fail in a business

When you study economics, you will fully understand which economic projects you should embark on and which you should not.

Of course, there are several factors that influence when a business fails or prospers, but  as an economics student you will have a broader understanding of the profitability of a business  and you will be able to make informed decisions, not letting yourself be carried away by a fantasy and avoiding committing a mistake when investing your money.

Basically, a professional economist is one who is in charge of managing the available resources of a company, business, organization, or government; analyzing the processes of production, marketing, distribution, consumption of goods and services and then propose solutions that allow you to satisfy your unlimited needs.


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