There are 5 reasons why you may not be called for an interview even if you are qualified

In order to start a career in this competitive world, you must apply in related terms. After the application, the concerned authorities have called the appropriate candidates in the interview after scrutinizing it. Candidates must be interviewed or face oral exams to join the work.

But if you are suitable for a position, you may not be called for an interview for various reasons. The reasons why you may not be called for an interview are discussed below.

Because the file was not shapely or not opened

Currently, most of the applications are sent online. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the format of the application is sent to the employer’s computer.

If your application is sent to a new software or format that is not commonly used, it will not be supported on the employer’s computer. As a result, your application will be dropped. So before applying online, check what format is asked to apply.

Due to the mention of a specific officer

If a job application is written along with a specific person or position, it is most likely to be rejected. Therefore, you should apply along with the specified person or post in the notice. This reduces any chance of application being rejected.

For not following all the instructions

Suppose a job notification states a CV, a cover letter and two work samples. In this case your application PAT will not be accepted if you present any information other than the two samples. So, whatever needs to be done with the application form as per the requirement of the employer, combine it. Read more – Do n’t eat the 5 foods before the interview

Due to uncontrollable presence through social media

Currently, most organizations consider the social media presence of the job candidate. In this case, the job candidate’s Facebook posts and friends, Twitter, Instagram, etc. checking accounts are selected. If the online presence of the job candidate does not seem to be moderated then it is not possible to call him in interview. So confirm your moderated presence online.

Because of the negative information in the search

Many organizations want to get enough information about a candidate through search engine before hiring a candidate. And if any negative information is found in the search engine, then the employers take it seriously. So if you have any information about Google search engine then check it before you apply.

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