It’s best not to give those 5 tips to anyone

Advice is a good thing, but not always. We can have at least a little acquaintance with some of the most successful people in life. They are leading a successful and happy life with a successful career, happy marriage. If you want, you can build such a life.

But to get a life like this, you may need advice or advice. There are many who are very good at giving advice. However, in many situations there are many suggestions that can upset. Here we will talk about some of that advice.

It’s been a long time, quit your job, do what you think is best

Many times his work life is in trouble. And it would be nice to give him this advice at the time. But the amount of money it takes to make a living will not be possible by earning it at will.

According to your advice, if he quits his job and does not do well after leaving, it will be difficult for him to earn a living. So it’s best not to give this kind of advice. Read on – How to plan financial for retirement

He’ll come, be patient

Dear friend or bandhubi any unhappy or bad moment we all come with some comforting message. Especially when that friend or bandhubi suffers from love-related problems, it is our duty to give comfort. In consolation, we say something impossible, hopeless.

But if hopeful words are false, then defeat can be the opposite. So it is better to keep quiet without saying such a thing.

Have a baby then you will feel better

After becoming a father or mother, people gain new life and identity. This is considered to be particularly applicable to women’s fields. But not all women want to taste motherhood immediately.

Something other than being a mother to a child may be considered important to them. So it is best not to say such things to such women.

The attitude towards marriage, children, society will change

Many people are not able to adapt to many common things. And it could also be against the prevailing social norms. But in this case he cannot be considered bad.

So that is the best way to explain to him. But if you realize that his belief in it will not change, then it would be better to say nothing without showing respect for his thinking. In no way do you tell him that these relationships will change his mindset.


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