5 positive thoughts for a happy return from holidays

Positive thoughts for returning from vacation

The return from holidays and therefore the end of the holidays is always a difficult moment: from a dimension of freedom and light-heartedness, you return to the commitments and routine of everyday life.

Take away any desire to make dramas and set your thinking in a positive way to cushion the trauma of returning. It’s not impossible at all: if you usually feel a lot about returning from vacation, we have prepared five positive thoughts for you to help you feel better.

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1.Lightness is a state of mind

On vacation we all feel lighter, able to take things with a different spirit and even wink at the unexpected . But who said we can only be on vacation?

Lightening the mind is the result of a constant training to live in the present , enjoying the here and now: the tension given by pre-occupying arises when we are projected into the past or into the future, because the mind is constantly busy trying to design, find solutions , prevent problems. Let go of control, you will find that becoming more flexible will allow you to face the day with less stress.

2. Friends are the spice of life

Raise your hand if you don’t end up running all day , grappling with errands to be done at the last minute and children to accompany you from one point of the city to another like a crazy taxi driver. What emotions do you feel deep inside you? Often we do not realize that we rely solely on ourselves : there is no real synergy with others and this weighs down everything. Learn to share joys and sorrows, difficulties and beautiful things with people you feel as positive.

Friends are not only an opportunity for a nice dinner, but they are the precious presences that can make life a more beautiful place, full of magical encounters, where you can find home in the other’s gaze .

3. A laugh can change a day

One of the biggest problems in the organization of daily life is a chronic lack of time . Bated breath and the feeling of being able to continue running indefinitely, day after day, with the automatic pilot set, while anxiety gives way to restlessness.

Stop. Breathe, feeling the air filling your belly and slowly spreading through your chest. The workload is heavy, that’s right. There are things you can’t change, people and situations you have to learn to live with. Yet when everything goes wrong you can get angry, or … let yourself go to a liberating laugh that can shake you from body to soul.

4. Beauty is everywhere

Breaking with the daily routine gives energy, broadens the mental horizon , is an inspiration capable of stimulating creativity. Remember that long distances or exotic places can enchant with the mystery of different scenarios, but discovering beauty in everyday life is the challenge of a day worth living with enthusiasm and with the passion that makes your eyes shine.

Cycling, running, long walks and prolonged contact with nature help to release the pent-up energy and allow you to acquire mental calm : a training capable of becoming a real meditation.

5. Always keep in mind what you are passionate about

Think about what can ignite your passion : enthusiasm and courage need to be cultivated every day. Increase your energy with what makes you feel alive . If on vacation it is easy to do it because you have more time to dedicate to yourself and the things you love, this need in the daily routine is a space to be strongly preserved, even at the cost of … postponing cleaning.

There won’t come a day when you have more time for yourself : the time is now. Steal precious moments in which to laugh with your children and the people you love, test yourself in a new activity, experiment with versions of yourself not yet known. Invent new horizons in which to imagine yourself and make plans , they will nourish your daily life with the salt of enthusiasm.


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