5 best Xiaomi apps for any Android

It does not matter which Android mobile you have in your hand right now: you will be able to install the 5 Xiaomi applications that we recommend today. These applications have been developed by Xiaomi itself and are published on Google Play for all users. They are apps prepared to work perfectly on Samsung, LG, OnePlus or any other mobile phones . They offer functions that you probably already have in other apps, but with the MIUI design and with extra functions or very interesting features. And they are all free !

Try these 5 Xiaomi applications on your smartphone

There are many users who are not aware that they may have applications from certain manufacturers on mobiles from other brands. The case of Xiaomi is one of the best in the entire Google store, as there are several very interesting applications that any user with any Android mobile can download. Today we tell you which are the 5 most interesting.

My Remote Controller

This application does what it promises in the description: it can control your television or almost any device that has a remote control and is from a recognized brand. Use the infrared sensor of your device, so if your mobile does not have this sensor it is of little use to install it.

Install Mi Remote – Google Play

Its design is very good and it is compatible with hundreds of devices . You can use it to control a television, an air conditioner or a stereo. You can even prank your friends.

ShareMe File Sharing

This is one of the best Xiaomi apps and also in its category. It allows you to transfer files between devices quickly, without the need for complicated processes and without advertising. Most apps of this style have a lot of advertising and dozens of options that users have not asked for.

Install ShareMe – Google Play

With ShareMe you will have one of the best apps to transfer files to any other device in a simple, safe and fast way . It is free and compatible with almost all Android phones.

File Manager by Xiaomi

This is another of the applications that you probably have on your mobile with another name and another aspect. The file manager Xiaomi is simple, has many functions and can you like more than you currently have.

Install File Manager by Xiaomi – Google Play

It is even likely that you got used to using it on an old Xiaomi mobile and that now you want to install it in your new purchase from another company.

Mint browser

If you have little storage space on your device you should try Mint . It is a browser developed by Xiaomi and that offers dozens of functions with a weight of about 10 MB . It’s incredibly fast and chances are you won’t miss anything Chrome has to offer.

Install Mint Browser – Google Play

You can download videos, it has a very interesting safe mode and Xiaomi categorizes it as one of the fastest on Google Play. It’s very worth a try!

My Calendar

Xiaomi also offers its own calendar app so that any user can install it. It is an application that does what it should do without too much fanfare, but with an interesting design that you probably prefer over other applications.

Install Mi Calendar – Google Play

It has language options, customization and information about the holidays of each country. It is a little gem that you should try to see if its design and functions convince you.

These are the 5 Xiaomi applications that we recommend installing on your device. They are completely free, are ad-free, and offer a minimalist yet functional design. Surely more than one stays on your mobile for a long time.


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