5 best Keyloggers

After reading my previous article on keyloggers, are you so intrigued that you want to try one? Well, in this article I will show you the best Keyloggers starting from the most trivial up to quite insidious malware. We are talking about Keylogger software or malware programs or processes active on a computer without the user’s knowledge that record any interaction with the keyboard (therefore the keys pressed) to store them in some file or transmit them via the internet.

My recommendation, however, is not to use them for unethical purposes and I remind you that spying on other people’s computers is forbidden especially in the workplace.

Having made this premise, I immediately step to the point without getting lost in further chatter!


  • The best Keyloggers
    • Elite Keyogger (Windows, Mac)
    • Hooker (Windows)
    • Free Keylogger by Refog (Windows, Mac)
    • Family KeyLogger (Windows)
    • Best Free Keylogger (Windows)

The best Keyloggers

Elite Keyogger (Windows, Mac)

Let’s start the list of the best Keyloggers with Elite keylogger which is a popular free keylogger for Windows and Mac also available in paid version. The advantage of this Keylogger is that it is very simple to use and it manages to sneak well into the computer’s operating system and escape most antivirus systems. The data captured by this keylogger can be accessed remotely.

Obviously it memorizes all the keys pressed by the keyboard but in addition to this it is able to track most of the activities performed on the computer starting with chats and emails.

Finally, it tracks web browsing and intercepts the passwords entered and as if all this were not enough it also manages to capture screen images.

Hooker (Windows)

Among the best Keyloggers there is certainly also Hooker ; a very easy to use Keylogger whose main strength is that it is portable and therefore does not require any installation. If you don’t have administrator privileges for the machine you need to control and therefore can’t install applications then this is the perfect keylogger.

To use this keylogger, download it from its site (by clicking on Portable at the top right) and copy it to the machine to be spied, taking care to insert it in some inconspicuous folder. At this point start the keylogger executable and when prompted enter the password (“Hooker”) press OK and then Accept.

At this point the keylogger is active and will begin to record all the keys pressed on the computer keyboard where it was inserted.

Press the Hide key to hide the keylogger. Then when you want to see the keys pressed you will have to simultaneously press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift and and keys of your choice between F9, F10, F11 or F12 to reopen the keylogger window. From this window you can close the keylogger by clicking on Exit . You can save all the keys pressed by the keyboard in a text file by going to the Log section.

It is only available in English but is so simple to use that this won’t be a problem even for less experienced users.

Free Keylogger by Refog (Windows, Mac)

One of the best keyloggers among the few available also for Mac is Refog’s Free Keylogger ; it is a free easy to use and very complete keylogger software that allows you to intercept all the keys pressed from the keyboard, chat conversations, the history of the sites visited. Unfortunately the free version will always display an icon next to the system clock; you will have to purchase the Refog Personal Monitor version to eliminate the icon and thus make the kelogger completely invisible.

Family KeyLogger (Windows)

Among the best Keyloggers I also point out Family KeyLogger ; a fairly simple keylogger to use whose process is hidden but still traceable by geek users. To use this keylogger go to the download page and then mark somewhere the unlock code that will be shown on the screen, this code allows you to insert a keylogger; then press on download and wait for the zip file to be downloaded. Once done, extract the exe file contained in the zip file inside it in any windows folder (possibly a folder not used often). Launch the zip file and when prompted enter the unlock code and continue with the installation.

The program will be started in minimized mode and, in this mode, its icon will be visible in the windows bar, press on it to open it and then press Options from its window and uncheck the Autorun at system startup items to insert a keylogger at each startup of windows, Start in hidden mode and Stealth to make the keylogger invisible; at the end press the button Remove shortcuts from start menu .

In the Unhide Keystroke box, select the key combination to press to make the keylogger visible; by default it is Ctrl + Alt + Del + M but you can change it (try to use many keys to avoid inadvertently opening the window).

Best Free Keylogger (Windows)

Finally, I point out in the list of the best Keyloggers a program that cannot be considered a real kelogger but that allows the complete control of a computer remotely. This is Best Free Keylogger , unfortunately only available for windows; a computer control / keylogger program that, in addition to intercepting both keyboard commands and all other activities (including the web pages visited and the applications used), allows you to remotely block applications and devices on computers; it is a sort of monitoring system for the use of a computer.

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