When we talk about drawing and coloring automatically we associate these two activities to children, it is true that they are the ones who do them most, however, nowhere is there a law or a rule that prevents adults from drawing and coloring.

Believe it or not, we all know how to draw. In fact, we started drawing before that to read and write and that is that drawing is a very effective form of communication in which you leave marked features of your personality (there are numerous psychological tests that study the personality of an individual through drawing) and of the emotions you feel in that moment.

Also, drawing can be a hobby for both young people and adults in which the investment is minimal since only paper and pencils are needed to obtain moments of relaxation and concentration that, in turn, give us numerous advantages.

We do not know why we stop drawing however, it is proven that drawing, no matter if you are a child, a young person or an adult, brings us a series of benefits. Here are five of these benefits:

Improve communication

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, drawing or coloring helps us express our emotions. Thus, through this activity we can express our point of view towards a specific situation, the emotions we feel in a given moment or our personal vision of multiple things.

Help train fine motor skills

Fine motor refers to all those movements we perform that require precision. And there is no greater precision than capturing the details of a drawing with the pencil, coloring without leaving a certain space or making thicker or finer lines for it, drawing is an ideal activity to improve or work our fine motor skills and, even more When we have problems with her.


We enjoy it

Drawing or coloring is an activity that we can do in the company of other people or individually. If we choose to draw in company we can spend a very pleasant time with our friends, since we can share designs and help each other improve our drawings.

On the contrary, if we choose to draw individually, it helps us to focus on ourselves by relaxing and forgetting about problems and daily routines, it is another way to put stress aside.

Help our brain activity

It is an activity that stimulates both cerebral hemispheres getting us to improve our concentration. In addition, there are studies that indicate that drawing or coloring can help reduce pain as it happens with music or meditation.

Improve self-esteem

Starting with simple drawings and gradually increasing their difficulty, self-esteem can be increased by gradually overcoming the proposed challenges regarding this activity. It also helps improve people’s autonomy as it is a hobby that does not require more help than their own


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