The ‘4C’ theory for whether there is compatibility in the couple

Speaking of love is a subjective theme that we all interpret and understand in different ways. When we fall in love, we give way to emotions and put aside reason , and that sometimes gets to let us down completely, since the person we believed to be perfect, is not.

Although the passion clouds the reason , over time and living together, we can take into account some important aspects to know if the person that interests can be compatible with your ideas, thoughts and goals.

Mistakes that cause pain

Almost all of us want to find a partner who is a gift from heaven to accompany us on this journey of life. A person who helps us to complement our needs, who is faithful, loving and who has a very clear concept of commitment , a person who is fun and gives us the assurance that we will be happy with him.

However, sometimes, due to adverse circumstances, we tend to make mistakes, because we stop using reason, as if love blinds us completely. Since the beginning of the relationship, we have ignored the important signs of how people really are. If we are unable to interpret the signs, then the relationship will be stormy, full of disappointments and frustration.

Fortunately, experts suggest applying some compatibility tests : they are a guide to analyze whether the couple has an affinity and thus have a greater probability of success in a relationship ; for example: the “4 C” theory. Did you already know her?

The 4C of love

1. Physical compatibility

There must always be something that attracts you to the person, be it the hands, the eyes, the hair or whatever; if you don’t like anything physically, you are unlikely to be comfortable with it. Physical compatibility occurs when the two compose and create a bond of attraction. The two feel good, being together, no matter what the social prototypes of beauty say. Simply, for you, the person will be beautiful and perfect.

In other words, the indicator of deep connection must be present, it is a bond of desire, passion and attraction, which not only occurs in the stage of love but remains with time. Perhaps it may be a superficial concept, however, intimacy is one of the most important aspects in couple relationships.

2. Emotional compatibility

This aspect encompasses several characteristics, it is about complicity, trust, security and empathy. It is entering a state of protection and absolute tranquility when you are with your partner; makes you feel good and know that you can be yourself, without having to hide your defects.

You still feel free to say what you think, to make important decisions and to express yourself bluntly; since your partner shows love and respect. Trust will be above all, there will be no doubts or uncertainties that put the relationship at risk.

3. Intellectual compatibility

This aspect has nothing to do with the academic degree or the work that each performs, goes further. It has to do with the two having similar customs and values in order to understand each other, as well as having the same moral values, interests and goals.

For example: there are people who, for religious values, do not celebrate Christmas, birthdays or any other event, with which perhaps the couple is not very in agreement. Another example may be that of a person who has a great fascination for animals and the other is not, this will create possible conflicts.

Intellectual compatibility also refers to having a similar basis for the education they received during childhood; that is, family values, similar ideas about raising children , the importance of marriage, as well as the professional and personal goals that each one wants.

4. Spiritual compatibility

Spirituality does not refer to religious beliefs, but to the level of understanding that we have within us. It will be that person who will believe in your dreams and desires, and will help, guide or support you so that you can conquer them. It will never be an obstacle to your life, as it will give you (and will receive from you) an extra boost and a motivation to be able to transcend and be better each day.

They may have different personal ideals or goals; however, the mission as a couple will be to respect each other’s needs , building a style of agreement that allows both to overcome each other. It is about growing together, experiencing challenges and overcoming adversity that makes them a solid and united couple.

Taking into account the 4 C’s to choose the right person will be of great help, since they are all useful tools to know each other’s affinity and interests. Remember that the test is just a reference to choose the partner, it does not mean that there are no contrasts and adversities in the relationship, because we are all different!


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