Before your fellow readers read this article further, would it be better if we explore thoroughly the understanding of creative thinking first, so that fellow readers can understand the flow of this article very smoothly. Now according to fellow readers, what is meant by creative thinking? First of all, we must know what is meant by “creative” or creative, creative is something new that has never been thought of before. People who think creatively can be categorized as someone with good creativity. Creative thinking is to see things in a new way and perspective. In other words, creative thinking is thinking outside the boundary or thinking out of the box.


Creative thinking can also be interpreted as the ability to create something new, both in considering something, overcoming conflicts between employees , collecting data, and so forth. Of course, almost all entrepreneurs and business people really expect themselves to get employees who have good creative thinking skills. That is why creative thinking in entrepreneurship is an indispensable thing. In fact, creative thinking according to experts will make it easier for us to achieve brilliant careers and become one of the keys to success in life. Along with the times, there are so many examples of creative thinking (creative thinking) that are around us.


For Career Advice colleagues who are looking for ways to think creatively and how to improve creative thinking to make it easier to achieve success, this article is perfect for your Career Advice colleagues to read through to completion.


How Can We Improve the Creative Thinking We Have for Future Success? 

According to the Harvard dot edu extension website, there are 4 ways that can help us improve creative thinking to achieve success in the future. What do you think about that? Let’s just refer to the following explanation.


1. Seeing Everything with Clear Eyes and Minds.

To improve creative thinking in our lives, we first need to look at everything with our eyes and mind clear. Meaning, we will never be able to think creatively if we see everything with a chaotic mind, stressful feelings, and depression that pervade in our brains.


People with high creative thinking will always be eager to think about this and find new ways to produce something more meaningful. They will also rule out things that don’t need to be thought of in their lives. In a sense, things that make their minds become “cramped”.


Try to clear your mind and make new observations by noting details about a situation or problem. Throw our minds to think broadly and it’s okay if we have to think outside the limits, this is fine anyway! Precisely it is very necessary in improving creative thinking. Imagine as broadly as possible and discover new things that we can explore to create something new.


2. Spend Special Time to Improve Creative Thinking.

Never did a fellow reader come to a work meeting where at the meeting, the chair of the meeting expressed a problem that had to be resolved right away by the members of the meeting.


For example, the problem is “product sales decreased by 7% over the past 4 months”. Then, the meeting leader asks his members to come up with bright ideas as a solution to this problem. When each member gave his ideas, it turned out that all of the ideas had already been applied before, but to no avail.


So, what do we need to do to deal with situations like this? Are we going to allow ourselves and the team to stay fixated with the existing circumstances? Of course not. To overcome this condition, we need to take special time to think of new ideas that are more brilliant, and of course those ideas have never been conveyed before.


In other words, we cannot give a short time or impose an impromptu time to think of creative ideas. If we really want to improve creative thinking, then we have to make time for everyone to think well.


What’s more, not all team members can think suddenly. Some of them need special time to be able to get bright ideas, for example, to contemplate ideas at night. Taking time specifically will help us to produce ideas that are far more brilliant and creative than thinking in a short amount of time.


3. Don’t Make Assumptions before Trying It.

If the fellow reader wants to use a new solution that the fellow reader deems to be an effective solution, then the fellow reader may not make any assumptions about the solution plan. Assumptions will not be an effective assessment of a new idea. Now to improve the creative thinking that we have, would it be better if we do an experiment for one or several times so that we can see the results directly.


For example, fellow readers want to find a new recipe for a meat curry menu. Instead of just assuming that adding another mint leaf is a good idea, it’s better for your fellow readers to try it first to find answers directly from your experiment. Believe it or not, an experiment will help us to improve creative thinking that we might not have thought of before.


4. Don’t Destroy an Idea Directly, But Think about the Positive Value.

Destroying or belittling an idea is indeed an easy thing, but maintaining an idea is a challenging thing that is difficult to do. When someone gives their idea or when we have an idea, don’t immediately underestimate the idea. However, the thing we need to do is think of positive elements that we might get from the idea. In other words, rather than underestimating ideas by thinking about negative things, we better look for the benefits that we will get from the idea.


Some questions that we can ask to look for positive values ​​from an idea are as follows:

– What advantages or advantages can we get from the idea?

– If this idea works, what goals will we achieve?

– If this idea has one or several challenges, what steps should we prepare to overcome it?


By thinking about these three questions, we will not turn off ideas. However, we will improve the creative thinking that we have. From an ordinary idea, it will become an extraordinary idea


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