The Importance of Emotional Intelligence to Forget the Past

In this article, we will discuss the importance of emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence that every human needs to have, especially in moving forward and forgetting all the sadness in the past. This article will also convey some important points of the form of emotional intelligence that we need to have in moving forward and forgetting everything that has happened in the past. Examples of emotional intelligence that are needed such as, rise and eager to forget the failures of careers that we have previously felt. The function of emotional intelligence is to keep us away from bad attitudes and behaviors that might be disastrous for our lives in the future.


For example, a person who is feeling stressed and severely depressed may intend to harm himself. However, because of the emotional intelligence that he has will help the person to avoid attitudes and behaviors that harm him and others in the future. To have good emotional intelligence, many people finally decide to look deeper into emotional intelligence . They began to search for information from emotional intelligence papers, emotional intelligence journals, and even emotional intelligence books.


Now speaking of the past, are your fellow readers intending to forget the past and look for ways to eradicate the past from your mind? If the answer is “Yes,” then your fellow readers will need to read this article until it runs out. Because in this article, we will discuss about 8 forms of emotional intelligence that can help us to forget the past and be eager to move forward.


8 Tips on Emotional Intelligence Can Help Us Forget the Past

According to the entrepreneur website dot com, there are 8 tips that are included in emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence that can bring us into a state of calm and happiness to let go of everything that happened in the past. Let’s just look at the explanation below.


1. Forgiving the mistakes of self and others who have happened in the past.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not have emotional intelligence like this. They drag on their lives by holding grudges and regrets for the mistakes others have made against them or personal mistakes they made in previous lives.


To successfully forget the past, the first step we need to take is to forgive our own mistakes and the mistakes of others towards us. We need to always remember that humans are never free from mistakes. By forgiving the mistakes of ourselves and others, our lives will feel more calm and at ease. Not only that, we will also make peace with the past and feel ready to move forward towards the future.


For example, if last year one of our coworkers had been hurting our careers, then now is the right time to forgive our coworkers and move forward to achieve career success in the future.


2. Taking Positive Values ​​from Past Events as a Precious Experience in the Future.

In addition, another thing we can do besides lamenting mistakes in the past is learning positive values ​​that we can take from mistakes in the past. Later, this lesson will help us to avoid the same mistakes.


Making mistakes and events in the past as a meaningful lesson is an emotional intelligence that must-must-must-have every person in life. Logically, each problem will indeed teach us one and several things that are very meaningful in life, which mistakes must be avoided in the future.


People with emotional intelligence will realize that events and mistakes in the past will be experiences and provisions that are very meaningful for their lives in the future. By making it a valuable experience, we will become more wise people in facing challenges and problems that come into our lives. So, from now on we must reflect on experiences and what positive values ​​we can take from past events. How to? Try asking yourself a few questions below:

– What really happened? (Try to answer by bringing the facts there).

– What emotions do I feel from past events or mistakes?

– How can I make this a valuable lesson that can control my feelings?


Don’t forget to forgive the mistakes of yourself and others before we find out what experiences and positive values ​​we can get from past events. Without forgiving the mistakes of ourselves and others, we will find it difficult to think neutrally and positively.


For example, a week ago we lost to competitors to get one big project. Don’t blame ourselves and the team, but what we need to do is to think about the positive points of what can be lessons for future project searches.


3. Stop Considering Yourself is a “Victim”.

Not a few people who consider themselves as a “victim” of events in the past. Maybe this feeling will make our heart condition better, because we assume others as bad characters in our lives. However, continuing to think of ourselves as a victim will only hinder our future success, colleagues.


Why is that? Because this assumption will only make us complain. We will feel that “complaining is a natural thing because I am a victim in this case”. Now, if your fellow readers really want to achieve success in the future, from now on your fellow readers should stay away from this and start to fix things instead of just complaining.


Having good emotional intelligence will keep us from the attitude of “pampering yourself” because we think we are victims of unpleasant events in the past.


4. Stay away from Social Media for a while.

When feeling dizzy and mumet because it always shadows the past. This is the right time for us to calm down and increase our emotional intelligence again. Try to avoid people with negative (toxic) mindsets who may be around fellow readers. In addition, we also encourage fellow readers to be disconnected from social media connections for a while. The goal is that fellow readers can neutralize your heart and strengthen your mentality, until finally the fellow reader can move forward with a calmer feeling.


For example, someone who is experiencing business bankruptcy will definitely feel very pressured. However, he must continue to move forward and rise to continue life. Stay away from social media for a while will help this individual to improve his emotional intelligence, so that he can dare to build a new business again and of course avoid negative comments that others give on social media .


5. Erase Sadness by Expressing Yourself.

A person with good emotional intelligence will never hesitate to express themselves when they feel sad. This is indeed very necessary for us to do when we feel sad and disappointed about everything that happened in the past. Expressing yourself when you feel sad can through curhatan to our coworkers or closest relatives. In fact, our trusted mentor can also be a good listener so that we can express ourselves and eliminate all existing grief.


An author named Edmund Bourne with his work entitled “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” says that “Burying sadness will only lead to anxiety, depression, headaches, high blood pressure and other negative effects that make us stressful” .


Therefore, if we want to feel calm and peace to move forward, then we need to express ourselves by telling stories, writing, singing or doing other things that make our lives happier.


6. Love the people who love us.

The sixth way that we can practice to forget the past is to respect loved ones who still survive and want to be by our side. They are people chosen from God to help encourage our lives. We need to have emotional intelligence that encourages us to continue to appreciate the best people who always accompany our steps in life. Don’t be sad, forget the past, and make those who are still faithful happy with us!


We can take an example of business bankruptcy that may be experienced by someone. Instead of continuing to blame the situation, the individual must get up and rebuild his business. He also had to find strength and support given by loved ones around him.


7. Focus Our Focus on Today’s Life.

Another emotional intelligence tip that we need to have is to focus all the focus we have on today’s life. We must respect all the conditions of life today and forget everything that happened in the past.


When we remember the moments that happened in the past continuously, our minds will only be filled with negative thought patterns. However, when we value life more in the present, we will think positively and optimistically to get a more decent life and happiness in the future.


For example, when we have experienced career failures in the past, now is a good time to focus our focus, attention and effort on career development in the present. So you have to stay motivated, colleagues.


8. Dispose of Past Memories and Create New, More Beautiful Memories.

After applying the 7 emotional intelligence tips above, now is the time for all of us to create new memories that are more pleasant and throw away all memories of the past, no matter how beautiful or bad as any memories that occurred in the past, the present is a far time more important for us to live.


Spend our time with our loved ones, do positive activities that can lead us to further career development, instill positive thinking patterns, and convince ourselves that we have the right to have a more beautiful life and a brighter career success.


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