4 Types of Facebook Users According to Research Results

The success of Facebook can not only be measured by the number of users, however, the company Facebook already has a large network of population data from all over the world. Social media Facebook is also seen as the best medium for entrepreneurs to store data about their customers, a tool for connecting companies and customers and the best place for corporate promotion and advertising purposes at a low cost. ~

According to a recent study conducted by a group of researchers, Facebook has a Rashomon effect on its users and they will experience it in different ways. The results of this study found that Facebook users can be divided into 4 user groups. So, know the 4 types of user groups to better identify customers, acquaintances and yourself.

What is surprising, the research found, that a person’s behavior on the internet can influence a person’s behavior and personality. Please get to know these 4 groups further.

# 1 The ‘Relationship Builders’
group This group uses Facebook in the same way they use the phone and email and uses it for the purpose of keeping in touch with friends and family members. According to a professor in advertising at a university, this group needs FB as a connector for their social life that is not active.

This group feels Facebook is a place where they can express their feelings towards family, friends and vice versa. They don’t make FB their place to socialize openly but instead use Facebook to tell things or stories that are suitable for friends and family.

One person involved in the study said that those in this group did not contact their family by telephone, so FB was the only medium to interact with family experts. This group also tends to always browse Facebook, watch videos, respond to statuses, pictures and other things shared by other people.

# 2 The ‘Window Shoppers’
group This group has a Facebook account only to keep up with current trends. Facebook is seen as a modern lifestyle today and it is a necessity for them because it is what many people accept and create.

This group rarely discloses their personal information, shares photos or updates status. They also rarely give responses such as likes or comments on Facebook. According to the researchers, those in this group were labeled as the most frequent observers or ‘stalkers’. They always tend to look at someone’s Facebook profile and find out about someone more deeply by secretly stalking their FB.

It’s a way for them to connect with other people. They don’t socialize massively, but they use Facebook to get information so that they can better socialize offline.

One researcher informed that they prefer to socialize and live life in the real world, not cyberspace. For him, Facebook is not a place to share personal matters because people who really want to know them will not only see it through FB, but will try to approach them in cyberspace.

# 3 Town Criers
This class is a class of working professionals who see Facebook as a medium to promote themselves or build their own brand. Facebook is a medium that can strengthen their credibility, work or business.

They are not like a group of relationship builders, because their virtual world or any of their partnerships do not represent their real life. Their status may be just for sharing, but they are not focused on response and so on.

They also don’t care if their audience is not actively responding because their goal on Facebook is simply to tell about themselves or provide information, not to socialize. Facebook is the mandatory medium for politicians in the US to spread information and influence people to vote.

This group is well known as a source of information for many people. They are very private and reveal very little personal information on Facebook. However, this does not mean they are not interested in socializing or learning about other people, but they prefer to socialize and interact in conventional ways such as phone calls, messages, or chatting as usual because for them, friends and family are very valuable and the way they socialize. should be more than just an interaction on Facebook.

# 4 The ‘Selfie’
group This one group is always known by their social friends. They are very active on Facebook and often share almost anything that is happening in the outside world and their own world. Just like relationship builders, they also like to post pictures, videos, update status with the aim of attracting attention and response from the crowd.

They like to get validation from the public. For them, the more likes they get, the more they will feel liked by other people and the better they feel about themselves. Most of them feel that if they upload photos on FB, they have done something useful or meaningful for the day.

However, with Facebook, anyone can change their personality or identity on FB in the way they want.

So, these are the four types of Facebook users. Think about it, which group do you belong to? Whatever it is, you alone control your social life, so don’t go overboard and self-destruct.


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