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As we all know WhatsApp is a messaging and calling application, which is used to contact our family, friends and even work meetings. On many occasions we want to capture those calls, which are made to us to keep the memories or records that they were in a meeting or encounter with someone, but we do not know how to do it.

How to Take Screenshots of WhatsApp Video Calls with your Contacts? – Do it like this

That is why, today we are going to give you the steps, how you can capture this moment from your cell phone, either from the same function that cell phones have built -in or from external applications to make this task a simple task.

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  1. Can WhatsApp notify your contacts when you take screenshots in video calls?
  2. How do you take a screenshot of video calls or voice calls on WhatsApp?
    1. From an Android phone
    2. With iPhone cell phones
  3. How to take a good photo capture in a group video call on WhatsApp?

Can WhatsApp notify your contacts when you take screenshots in video calls?

If you have asked yourself this question, it is probably because at some time, it is because you have captured a screen of a status or a call that you have had with someone and you think that WhatsApp is going to notify you, which it will not, I know it sounds a bit stalker.

However, it is one of the characteristics of this type of applications; that since it maintains the privacy of each of the users, it is not possible for it to  notify you every time a person takes a screenshot of other users.

Now, if the fact that unknown people can obtain your statuses, and take captures of your calls, was a little scared; Well, the recommendation that we make is to use the states of the app correctly , block or hide stories from people that you consider are not convenient for you and when you go to make calls, make them with trusted people and thus you will avoid this type of problem. .

How do you take a screenshot of video calls or voice calls on WhatsApp?

Before starting to take the screenshot,  you must first turn on the mobile camera  to be able to start the conversation through a video call. Now, taking this into account, we are going to show you how you can take these screenshots through your Android or iPhone mobile phone.

From an Android phone

Once you have activated the camera; You can start capturing the conversation or meeting with that person or group, press the power button on your phone without releasing it, until the screenshot icon appears.



Another way is through external applications that allow you to capture this moment more easily, such as applications such as LightShot, Monosnap, Screenshot Captor, among others, which allow you to take cleaner and more beautiful screenshots.

With iPhone cell phones

To do this on an iPhone cell phone, you just have to enter the application that you want to take the screenshot of; In this case it would be WhatsApp, press the off button and the button in the middle of said cell phone, both simultaneously at the same time, then quickly release them and thus you will obtain the screenshot of your video call.

On the other hand, it is also important that you make a backup copy of your data in said application so that when you go to look for a file sent in this video call, you can easily obtain it without having to ask the person to give it to you. submit again because it was removed.

How to take a good photo capture in a group video call on WhatsApp?

We know that for many of us, having memories of your very special meetings or meetings, to have evidence that you attended is something vital and fundamental.

So the screenshots are a good way to keep this memory and it is current evidence; Now, so that these screenshots look aesthetically, that is, they do not look ugly, you can do it if it is in a group with the phone screen rotated horizontally, so in this way you can capture the entire conversation and not capture the conversation in pieces.

Apart from this, you can also send Christmas messages through WhatsApp along with your screenshots taken in their virtue meetings, taking advantage of the fact that we are in the Christmas festivities, in this way they will maintain contact with you in saran that you will always be there for when There are special meetings with your family.


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