4 tips to recover after the holidays

We are in the midst of parties. Translating: lots of good food and drink! Too bad our bodies don’t see the same way. That’s because all these foods and drinks, full of sugar, fat and sometimes alcohol, act and turn into toxins in our body. This toxicity makes us feel tired, bloated, drowsy and suffer from gastric disorders, in addition to decreasing our metabolism and increasing our pounds! As we know (and feel!), It’s pretty bad to start the new year with toxins from the old year. But how to recover after the holidays?

We have separated 4 tips for you to follow and, thus, get rid of the result of the year-end exaggerations, starting January in a light way and with regulated health.


1. Drink lots of water


As it could not be different, tip number 1 concerns the intake of LOTS of water! As we already know, the benefits of water consumption are several and of the most diverse

Water will help to eliminate toxins and cleanse your body. That way, as your system is “dirtier” than usual, you should intensify your water intake during and after parties, taking more than ideal on ordinary days ( see how to calculate the ideal amount of water per day ). 

However, be careful with the water you drink! Observe if it is very well treated and clean, after all, you do not want to put more impurities in your body.

To help you with this, you can count on Latina purifiers , which guarantee extreme purity in the water!


2. Sleep well


For the regulation of your body it is essential that there are enough rest moments, so that it can recover and concentrate all efforts and energy in restoring the balance of the system.

Sleepless nights can lead to hormonal instability and, consequently, more toxins. And we don’t want that!


3. Take care of the food

After so many exaggerations, we have to take care to have a healthier and more natural diet. For this reason, it is important, for example, to avoid alcohol consumption for some time, at least until the body recovers.

That’s because alcohol works automatically as a toxin that requires a lot of energy to be neutralized in our body. As we need all the energy concentrated in the elimination of existing toxins, we have to avoid creating new ones as much as possible.

That is why, too, we have to avoid foods and drinks that have caffeine, which is also a substance that overloads the body. And caution: caffeine is not synonymous with coffee! Many teas (such as matte), sweets and soft drinks have this element in their composition.

It is also recommended that you leave the diet for a while, canned, sausage and cold, which are full of salt, another element that should be avoided. In addition, they contain dyes and preservatives in their constitution, which are, once ingested, interpreted as toxins by the body.

Replace these foods with lean proteins, which should be cooked or grilled, and more natural foods, such as vegetables, fruits, oilseeds and cereals, which should be eaten, if possible, raw or undercooked, to maintain nutrients and nutrients. fibers, so important for the restoration of the body.


4. Invest in teas and juices

Diuretic and thermogenic teas are good choices for these days.

Hibiscus, ginger, cinnamon, white, green tea? There are several options that can help you in the detox process.

The drink acts by regulating intestinal transit, combating fluid retention and speeding up metabolism. That way, toxins will be eliminated more quickly and efficiently and you will feel more comfortable.

Detox juice is another auxiliary that has fallen into popular taste. Made with various fruits and leaves, they are great for replenishing nutrients and eliminating unwanted substances.

See some recipes for functional juices and a detox juice , perfect for your holiday and for your list of how to recover after the holidays.

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