5 tips to take care of the beach house

With the end of the year, holidays and summer parties arriving, the beach houses are reopened and occupied. This can be the perfect scenario for those who worked hard during the year. However, home on the beach can also mean more work and headaches. This if the property has had problems since the last visit.

To avoid this type of disorder, we have separated some tips to help you take care of your beach house. So, you can enjoy your stay with the tranquility you deserve.

1. Take care all year

The big secret for taking care of the beach house and keeping it ready and ready for the high season is taking care of it all year round. We know that it is difficult to be able to go frequently to the beach so that all measures and care are taken.

So we advise you to hire an assistant who can regularly visit the house, open it, clean it and arrange and inspect repairs. This will prevent you from missing a few days, which should be fun, with tidying up the house.

2. Extra care on the eve

All tasks required throughout the year must be done more diligently in the weeks leading up to your stay at the house. Seek to do or ask someone to do an overhaul.

In the midst of this cleaning, broken objects must be thrown away. Damaged parts of the house must be repaired and the environment must be well ventilated and clean. So, when the big day comes to go to the beach with your friends and family, the house will be perfect and cozy. Fully prepared to receive all visitors.

3. Make good choices

Popular wisdom already said: prevention rather than cure. Don’t look at your beach house as an improvised shed to enjoy what you no longer want at home on ordinary days.

Choose good building materials first. Especially when it comes to hardware and wood pieces, which suffer from salt air, humidity and heat. Pay attention and replace wood whenever possible with stone. This avoids the need for frequent reforms. A good example is the flooring, which should preferably be made of tiled floors. 

This tip also applies to furniture: opt for stone and masonry tables and cabinets. When it is not possible to make this substitution, choose furniture with a treated and good quality wood. This is because heat and humidity will increase the possibility of installing termites.

The salt air, in addition to punishing the construction hardware, also deteriorates and oxidizes the appliances and electronics. So choose products made with reliable materials that are more resistant.

4. Store carefully

One of the measures that can delay the damage of your electronic devices is to always cover them with a fabric that prevents them. This will at least lessen the action of the salt air. In addition to villains of hardware and wood, salt air, humidity and heat also do not help in the conservation of clothes in general .

To prevent the parts from being found moldy, we suggest that everything be stored in plastic bags. Everything should be very well washed, bleached, and dry. For this, you can count on the help of the Latin Washers and Dryers. They can assist you in a practical and efficient way in the process of washing and drying the parts, without the need for effort or depending on the sun.

5. Be careful also when leaving

Nobody likes to leave the beach and go back to real life, but unfortunately, this is also necessary. And it is this seasonality that makes going to the beach so special.

We know that the return is the time to pack and remember the memories of the trip. But it is also time to take some precautions to avoid future problems. 

Cover all your equipment, store all your clothes, washed and dried, as already said. Remove all electronic devices from the outlet to prevent fire and also losses due to lightning storms.

Close the tap and the valve to avoid leaks. In addition to making your water bill more expensive, they can flood and ruin your home. Also make sure that doors and windows are securely locked.

We know that unforeseen events happen. But we believe that with these 5 attitudes you will be much more likely to have a more peaceful rest and without undesirable surprises.

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