What Are 3d glasses;How does 3D Vision work?

The 3d glasses are a tool to be able to see static or moving images in 3 dimensions.The film and television industry is being increasingly involved in third dimension (3D) technology.

How does 3D Vision work?

Surely you’ve ever been to the cinema and you’ve seen a movie with 3D effect glasses. These glasses allow objects to be seen  in three dimensions. How do these glasses trick our brain and see certain objects?.Human vision system, have two eyes, it takes two different flat images and joins them to form a three-dimensional image. Our left eye sees an image that is slightly different from what our right eye sees, due to the separation between them, the interpupillary distance.

Anaglyphic glasses

The first glasses to be able to see in 3D were the anaglyphic glasses.These lenses have  two different colors. This difference in the coloring of the glasses serves to filter different colors. Each eye perceives different colors, even though they come from the same object. When the brain tries to unite the two images, it puts one over the other and creates the feeling of depth of field.

Polarized or passive

It is the most used in theaters today. The difference is that there is no need for colored glasses to block certain shades, so there is no loss in the hue of the colors.In the cinema room, two different images are emitted, each with a different polarization. When using the lenses, the left eye identifies images of an angle and the right one  captures from a different angle, which generates the effect of depth.


Active 3D technology lenses are the most used in televisions these days. They use a chip that synchronizes the frequency of the images. These lenses have a wide angle of view (178 degrees) and inclination (45 degrees). “In addition, when using Bluetooth, the user can move up to 10 meters away from the TV, and finally, they are the most ergonomic and easy to use.”The price of this technology of active glasses is still very high.

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