How to choose protective glasses for your computer

The first computer monitors were horrible to look at. With the advent of flat panel displays, the situation has improved markedly, but the issue of eye protection has not lost its relevance.

Computer glasses manufacturers try to block the unwanted effects of the blue light spectrum and solve the problem of glare.

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Why do you need protective computer glasses, what is included in eye prevention

Office workers, programmers and some other categories of citizens work all day in front of monitors, overloading their eyes. Regardless of the quality of the display, the eyes are heavily stressed, since the user looks at the screen from approximately the same angle, from the same distance and only occasionally blinking. Against the background of dry eyes, some kind of sore may develop.

The greatest danger comes from the blue emission spectrum. It can cause sleep problems if you sit at the computer for a long time in the evenings. When ophthalmologists talk about the blue spectrum, they mean blue and violet. These light waves are short, they are scattered more than others, they carry the greatest energy:

Colour Light wavelengths, nm Photon energy, eV
Purple 380-420 2.8-3.3
Blue 420-500 2.5-2.8
Green 500-565 2.2-2.5
Yellow 565-590 2.1-2.2
Orange 590-625 2-2.1
Red 625-740 1.7-2

Blue light is filtered out by computer glasses, also called blue-blockers. Having tried to work in them, many users then do not want to do without such protection, since the optics makes it possible to feel much more comfortable. Also, computer glasses help get rid of dry eyes, as they make it difficult for air to circulate around them. These are certainly not swimming goggles, but they are also at a short distance from the eye sockets.

Computer glasses are certainly a useful thing, but do not forget about other measures to save your eyesight:

  • There should be no dust on the screen.
  • The monitor should be at eye level.
  • You need to properly adjust its brightness and contrast.
  • Keep the distance from the display at least 60 cm.
  • Take pauses at work. Interrupting every 2 hours for 15 minutes will not degrade productivity.
  • Do eye gymnastics.

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Computer glasses: how they work

Optics designed to protect the eyes from computers and smartphones can be made in any frame. Blueblockers filter blue, cutting off some of the harmful radiation. There are other so-called unloading lenses. In them, the upper part is zero, it does not increase or decrease anything. And the lower part – with an optical power, for example, +0.5 diopters. When a PC user reads the content of the site, gradually lowering his gaze, his eyes are forced to re-focus. As a result, they get tired less.

Bluelockers designed for people with 100% vision may have a power of +0.25 diopters across the entire lens area. Small details are easier to see with these glasses.

How to choose protective glasses for regular work at the computer for myopic and farsighted? Most likely, you will have to make an individual order in an optics company. They will make blue blockers with suitable diopters.

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Selection of computer glasses: basic requirements

First of all, you need to pay attention to the ability of lenses to filter the blue spectrum of radiation. The second important point is the presence of a protective anti-reflective coating. And, of course, the glasses must fit. It is desirable that the frame matches the geometry of the face, hiding its imperfections. Workmanship is also an important point. And now about everything in order.

Lens type

By design, the lenses are divided into three types.

  1. Single vision. Above, below, in the middle of the lenses are the same diopters.
  2. In this case, there are two optical zones with different diopters.
  3. Varifocal (progressive). There are no clear boundaries between the optical zones. The upper part of the lenses is suitable for long distances, the middle part for intermediate ones, and the lower part for close ones.

The choice of lenses is the most important one. After all, it is they who provide comfort for vision. How to choose lenses for computer glasses? The first step is to discard the inappropriate options. Not suitable for work on a PC:

  1. Regular reading glasses, since their lenses are sharpened at a distance of 40 cm, and the monitor should be from 60 cm.
  2. Bifocal or varifocal lenses with a diopter difference from 1. In this case, you will instinctively strive to look at the plus bottom of the glasses, lift your chin up. The load on the neck will increase accordingly.

For a PC, lenses that are sharpened to a distance of 50 cm to 4 m will be a good solution. Everything is clearly visible within the room, you do not need to strain your eyes. Some manufacturers offer the following grades for computer optics:

  • an advanced version of reading lenses, in which you can clearly see at a distance of up to 1 m;
  • lenses for a distance of up to 2 m;
  • indoor lenses up to 4 m.

In any case, the lenses must have a blue filter.

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The size

To find the correct size for computer glasses, you can measure the previous frame or the width of your face. The measurement is taken from the face between the temples at eye level.

Optical manufacturers usually indicate three sizes of glasses in mm, for example, 52-20-136:

  • 52 – lens width;
  • 20 – the width of the bridge;
  • 136 is the length of the temple.

According to the first two parameters, it is easy to calculate the width of the face of a person for whom the glasses are suitable: 52×2 + 20 + 6 = 130 mm (6 mm is the width of the hinges). The frame can be 2-3 mm wider than the face.

In the case of computer glasses, the optimal frame height is 30-40 mm. No more needed, because these are not sunglasses that protect against ultraviolet radiation falling from different angles.

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The form

To make the glasses fit for you, take into account the shape of your face when choosing optics. If you don’t know which geometric shape your outlines are closer to, stand in front of a mirror and trace the outline of your face with a washable marker. Frame selection rules:

  • Glasses can and should be used to smooth out imperfections in the shape of the face.
  • If you have vision problems, consider the opinion of an ophthalmologist when choosing a frame. For correction models, the center-to-center distance is important.
  • It is desirable that the color of the frame be in harmony with the girl’s hairstyle, her manner of dressing. When choosing a color, men usually prefer black or metallic with a silver or golden sheen. These optics look good with a business suit.
  • The frame should not extend beyond the face.
  • Computer glasses should not cause discomfort, because you will work in them or play games for several hours in a row.

Most computer glasses do not have a clear gender purpose, they are suitable for both men and women.

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Lens Coating

For lens manufacturers, the easiest way to filter the blue spectrum is to apply a special coating to the lens surface. Also, the range of 380-500 nm can cut off one of the inner layers of the lenses. The second option is preferable. For this reason, plastic lenses are more suitable for a computer. They consist of several layers, do not break when dropped. Glass computer glasses can only be with a surface protective coating.

The next most important coating is anti-reflective. Monitors, polished office furniture, glass surfaces are sources of glare. To make them fewer, you need:

  • Place the monitor with its end facing the window. The rays of the sun should not fall on the screen, nor should they fall on the eyes.
  • Limit the flow of sunlight with blinds.
  • The table lamp should not shine into the eyes or onto the monitor screen.
  • Do not overuse artificial overhead light. If the bulbs are too bright, reduce the number or replace them with weaker ones.
  • Avoid using flickering lamps.

All these measures, of course, are not a panacea. To eliminate irritating factors for the eyes, it is worth choosing protective anti-glare glasses for a computer, since modern lens manufacturers can combine the ability to reflect reflections with blue filtering.

In addition to the anti-blue and anti-reflective layer, computer glasses can be protected from scratches and static. With an anti-static coating, less dust is deposited on the lenses.

In conclusion, a few words about the appearance of the lenses of computer glasses. Transparency or yellowish tint, blue sheen are signs typical for blue-blockers. If you suspect that your eyesight has deteriorated from a computer, visit an optometrist first, and then buy optics for hanging out with a PC.

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