How to choose VR glasses

The material contains all the important information on how to choose VR glasses for every taste and budget.

What are VR glasses

At points of virtual reality instead of glass smaller screens (often with FullHD resolution), which broadcast content. They react to any movement by changing the picture in front of their eyes. The device is mounted on the head, since it is rather heavy (up to 300 grams).

Separate transmission (separate picture for each eye) creates an immersive effect. On the left and right, there is an ever-changing illustration. Just like in real life.

But to get a true illusion in a virtual reality system, glasses alone are not enough. Their potential is revealed in tandem with additional gadgets. Then the user becomes not just a spectator, but an active participant in what is happening. Often, six devices are selectively bundled with VR for PC and consoles (PS4 and Xbox).

  1. Motion controller – joysticks with which the player interacts with the environment.
  2. Headphones – for maximum immersion in the atmosphere.
  3. Microphone – to chat with “friends” in the online universe.
  4. A magnetometer is a compass that improves orientation in an imaginary space.
  5. Remote – to control the device to which the user is connected.
  6. Space sensors – “read” the room and everything that is in it in order to better track movements online.

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Where can you use virtual reality glasses

More often, VR systems like HTC VIVE are used in video games and 3D video – so the player is immersed in the atmosphere that flashes before his eyes.

Other popular applications are described in the table below:

Where do they use What are they doing
Virtual travel Helps to get acquainted with sights anywhere in the world, while sitting at home
Education Instead of cramming, you can get inside the objects under study: from atoms to the movement of stars
Medicine Facilitate the study and work of doctors. Help psychologists work through fears with patients
Virtual sales You can see in advance what the dream house and other goods will look like
Design and construction Architects will be able to more accurately convey their ideas, and designers will “revive” interior renderings
Simple communication You can “put on” any virtual avatar and make acquaintances or gather with friends in imaginary companies
Holding mass events Concerts can be held for hundreds of thousands of people, but they do not have to be in one place. This became especially important after the introduction of quarantine.

How to choose VR glasses

The choice of VR headsets is limitless for every taste and budget. But they are divided into 4 key types:

  • for smartphones ;
  • for computers ;
  • console (work in tandem with consoles);
  • stand-alone models.

Details about each of them are below.

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VR glasses for mobile phones

Here a mobile phone integrated into the case acts as a screen. These glasses are ideal for watching content and playing VR games on smartphones. But not more.

Despite their limitations, they have their merits.

  1. Compactness
    Fits into a handbag.
    2. Budgetary
    You can buy models from 300 UAH.
    3. No powerful technology needed.
    A smartphone is enough to find yourself in an illusion.

However, wearers of such glasses face two problems.

  • Few games on mobile platforms

You will have to be content with viewing voluminous content and several dozen games

  • Weak graphics

It is noticeably inferior to the computer one, even on the iPhone.

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VR glasses for PCs and laptops

Designed for “deep diving”. An example of this is the HTC Vive Cosmos . They have separate independent displays, different sensors, controllers, and even accessories.

Pros of glasses for computers.

  1. Variety
    There are many VR games for the computer. These glasses support some of the volumetric 3D games (which do not have a VR version).
    2. More options for viewing surround content
    Easily play 360 ° videos and work with panoramic shots.
    3. Additional customization
    You can connect additional. accessories.

There were also some drawbacks.

  1. Demanding hardware
    These glasses need a powerful PC or laptop for full-fledged work.
    2. Dependence on cables
    Many models only connect by wire.

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VR glasses for consoles

Sharpened for games with consoles. They do not connect to a computer – there are very few universal solutions on the market.

Among the advantages, two points stand out.

  1. Independent of wires
    There are quite a few wireless console VR glasses on the market.
    2. Customization
    Many additional accessories that can be purchased separately.

Among the disadvantages is the price (from 10 thousand hryvnia per set). With wireless models, you will have to be in the same room as the console. But this is more a claim to the interfaces than to the headset itself.

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Standalone models

With improved characteristics, therefore, expensive models. They cost $ 800-3000 and this price is justified. They have a powerful processor, a lot of regular and RAM, built-in headphones. They work without being tied to other gadgets.

How much do VR glasses cost and what does the price depend on?

The price range is huge. Mobile models start at UAH 200, stand-alone models up to UAH 70 thousand.

Device type Approximate price, UAH
Mobile 200-1000
For computers from 2 to 60 thousand
For consoles from 4 to 70 thousand
Standalone models from 20 thousand to infinity

The cost of the device depends on the qualities of the model. The more complex the “filling” and the more autonomous the device, the more price it has.

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How to set up and connect VR glasses to a smartphone, PC, laptop, game console

The connection to the mobile phone is intuitive.

  1. Turn on the app you need on your smartphone.
  2. Insert it into the holder on the VR glasses.
  3. Close the glasses, fix them on your head and welcome to the VR world.

Pairing with a computer is more difficult.

  1. Connect the glasses to your computer via HDMI.
  2. Install user tracking stations (if they are included).
  3. Launch a proprietary application for customization. What is the most – indicated in his instructions. Often there is already a link there, which is enough to enter into the browser.
  4. Complete all the steps of the “connection wizard”.
  5. Start using the new system.

The connection to the console is the same as to the PC. The main thing is to follow the instructions correctly. But the connection of autonomous glasses is different. For this you need:

  • turn on the device;
  • configure it as prompted by the “master”;
  • correct the image, adjust focus, brightness and other little things;
  • download games. You can find them in the instructions or in the collections on the Internet.

Before choosing VR glasses, you need to understand which gadget you need them for: phone, PC or set-top box. Next, you should solve the issue with the budget, and study the devices in your niche. For 3D video, you can choose VR glasses for 200-700 UAH, for games you need more capacities, for which you will have to pay extra.

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