3 lessons we learned from Elisha’s miracles

Elisha was a great prophet, who was known for doing many miracles. God used Elisha to help many people and teach us very valuable lessons. We can learn many things by reading about Elisha’s life.

These are three important lessons about God that we learned from Elisha:

1. God sustains

Several miracles of Elisha were related to food. Many people Elisha encountered were experiencing difficulties and were unable to support themselves. Through Elisha, God provided what each one needed : water, food, sustenance to pay debts … God did not abandon them in difficulty.

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How many times do you stay up at night wondering, “Will I have a living in the future?” Anxiety about the future takes away peace but God is in control. Trust in god! He will support you, even in difficulty. Worry about doing God’s will and he will take care of you ( Matthew 6: 31-33 ).

2. God cares about small things

Once, Elisha was with some men who were cutting trees to build a meeting place. One of the men’s ax iron came loose and fell into the water. The man was concerned that the ax was not his and had now spoiled it. Then Elisha made the ax iron float and the man managed to catch it ( 2 Kings 6: 5-7 ).

Sometimes you may think that your problems are too small for God. Elisha performed miracles before kings and armies; why should i worry about an ax? But God cares about every detail of your life. It even counts all the hair on your head! ( Luke 12: 6-7 ) You can take everything to God that He is always attentive.

3. God is stronger

The king of Syria decided to capture Elisha, because he was thwarting his plans to conquer Israel. The king sent his army, which surrounded the city where Elisha was. When Elisha’s servant saw the army he was afraid but Elisha prayed and he saw an even bigger spiritual army on his side ! Elisha prayed again and the entire enemy army went blind ( 2 Kings 6: 16-18 ).

When you feel surrounded by problems, without the strength to overcome them all, remember that God is stronger. No problem is too big for God! Ask God to open your eyes to the truth. He has the help you need.

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