20 Examples of Friendship

Man is a social and gregarious being. In general, he seeks the company of other people, with whom he tends to establish different emotional ties. Among these links, friendship stands out , that is, attachment to other people that we meet throughout life and with whom we feel comfortable, content, understood. For example: friends from school, friends from work, pets .

Most of the people find it rather easy to make friends , even the youngest children, when they are in a sandbox or in the games in the square, they usually communicate with other children and share elements and games.

As the years go by, friendly relationships gain ground in the life of the human being, and it is typically in adolescence when friendship emerges as an important part of the life of the person.

It is at that moment when the figures of the parents , although important, lose a bit of prominence in the mental and affective scheme of the young person, who feels that the world is “much bigger than his house” and that he begins to realize that that there are many more views about things in life than your family members have.

Then his teachers and especially his schoolmates come to occupy a very significant place , with whom he often shares many hours of study, but also of games and relaxed talks, in which the opportunity arises to talk about different topics. And these are usually the longest and most endearing friendships of people.

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Characteristics of friendship

It is common for friends to have common interests and similar views on various topics, which does not mean that they should like exactly the same thing or that they should agree on everything. They do not need to be fans of the same soccer team or supporters of the same political party.

The most important thing in friendship is knowing how to give your heart to the other, being sincere, knowing how to listen to the other and knowing how to give them a word of support and encouragement when they need it.

It is also very important not to fall for flattery or flattery , and to say frankly if one realizes that the friend is not proceeding as appropriate, with oneself or with third parties, because it is not a question of agreeing with them blindly.

It is natural and positive that we want to share happy moments with our friends and also bitter ones, since bad drinks are usually a little less bad if we are close to those who do us good, with their words or simply with their smiles.

It is obvious that friendship does not arise by mandate or imposition of anyone, and it is not planned; It can arise at any time in life and it does so as something natural, but it always requires a quota of will to stay alive. Many claim, quite rightly, that a friend is a brother who is chosen.

Examples of friendships

  1. School friends
  2. Children and their pets
  3. Friends on vacation
  4. The friends you make on the graduate trip
  5. Imaginary friends in childhood
  6. Friends from the faculty
  7. Friends from military service
  8. The friends of the club where we practice a sport
  9. Coffee friends
  10. The friends you make on blogs
  11. The friends of the court
  12. Friends from work
  13. Moms of preschoolers who sometimes become friends
  14. Chess game friends
  15. Retiree Center Friends
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