15 Examples of Short Amorphine

The amorfino is a proper musical genre of the Ecuadorian coast, part of traditional folk songs from that area. Short amorphous are characterized by having few or even just one stanzas. For example: There comes the beautiful moon, / coming out of the reed / sweet cane mouth / how I could kiss you.

These songs from the provinces of El Oro, Guayas, Los Ríos and, above all, from Manabí are inspired by Spanish verses, recited by the conquerors, to which the locals added popular expressions typical of the area. Unlike the Spanish songs, which allude to the most varied themes, the amorfinos have love as their main theme.

These traditional songs, which are practically obsolete, were used to flatter the beauty of a woman or had a double meaning, in order to woo their recipient. Sometimes amorphous were also used to “offend”, when love was unrequited.

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Examples of short amorphines

  1. Amorphine 1

The verse of the amorphous,
is accommodated as you want:
for me the tail is chest
and the spine is hip.

  1. Amorphine 2

I would like to be a little bird
with cotton legs
to fly to your chest
and touch your heart.

  1. Amorphine 3

If I sing amorfino,
I don’t do it out of hobby:
I sing to it because I am a Montuvio
and I carry it in my heart.

Last night I went to see you,
over the roof,
your mother came out and said to me
through the door, unfortunate!

  1. Amorphine 4

When I pass by your house,
I have to whistle you;
If your mom asks you,
tell her it’s a little bird.

  1. Amorphine 5

I do not leave this house
until I eat chicken
in my house, I do not eat them ,
because they are all fine.

  1. Amorphine 6

Yesterday I passed by your house
with this my bad trace:
I will continue to pass
until I fall in love with you.

  1. Amorphine 7

Saint Peter had a girlfriend,
Saint Paul took her away:
if the saints were like that,
why shouldn’t I be?

  1. Amorphine 8

The man who loves me
must have money,
because a rooster with little feather, does
not enter my henhouse.

  1. Amorphine 9

The women of this time, They
only want out of interest
If the donkey had money
They also knew how to love it.

  1. Amorphine 10 

You are small and pretty,
you are how I love
you, you are the most beautiful star
in the middle of two stars.

  1. Amorphine 11

Her: The montubio compliments
the montubia does not shrink,
she graciously rides
and he capes like a bull
if the wasp stings him.

Him: Everyone says their piece,
everyone screams like a frog,
the lizard slams its tail
when the iguana bites it
or when the lasso is thrown.

  1. Amorphine 12 

Sweetheart of my life,
sweetheart of my charm
that little thing you have made
for me to love you so much.

  1. Amorphine 13 

Up there on that hill
I have a clear water well
where my black woman bathes
with wine and pink water.

  1. Amorphine 14

There comes the beautiful moon,
coming out of the reed,
mouth of sweet cane
as it could kiss you.

  1. Amorphine 15

The banana to eat,
must be green or pintón,
the man to love,
should not be conversón.


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