100 Ways You Can Get Jobs In Linguistics

Jobs in linguistics can be distinguished by specific professional fields,

There are basically three options:

  • At Universities and Language Research Institutions:
  • Teaching And Lectureship at college:
  • Education (translation/ interrupter)

100 Ways You Can Get Jobs In Linguistics

In a world where countries are becoming increasingly interdependent and new technologies have eliminated boundaries and distances, we can no longer remain monolingual. Learning a foreign language has become more necessary than ever to connect with the world.Language learning is no longer just a hobby; it is a necessity for modern young people. The language learning helps in the continuous training of the employee.

100 Ways You Can Get Jobs In Linguistics

Remember that, one of the most important skills that you acquire at the university, the ability for long term learning and the achieving the right job regarding your interest. For example you can find job if you have great language skill:100 Ways You Can Get Jobs In Linguistics

  • Press And Publishing news paper.
  • Public relation consultant in organization
  • Communicating affairs consultant
  • Advisor in nation and international organizations
  • Technical writer
  • Content writer (Websites, blogs, articles).

Facts You Must Know About Jobs In Linguistics, If you Have Burning Passion:


I have collected the jobs list which indicates the desired field of any gradates of linguistics. Every student must have dreamt for these jobs. Yes you can apply these jobs easily and it can be bright future for you as well.

100 Ways You Can Get Jobs In Linguistics

  • Foreign Language teaching.
  • Media and journalism.
  • Teaching and Research.
  • Publishing bookshops.  Language services.
  • Translation and Interpretation.
  • Cultural scene / art business / museums / exhibitions.
  • Library service / archive service.
  • Foreign activities / foreign proofreading
  • Leisure / tourism industry
  • Technical Documentation
  • Radio and television news caster.
  • Editor in news digest and newspaper
  • Communication Trainers In Speech therapy of children


Linguistics degree will open many career opportunities for you in various fields.  As a computer linguist you can work in the IT Company. You can get jobs for teaching at community colleges or specialized language schools.

100 Ways You Can Get Jobs In Linguistics

Now a day’s linguists are mostly in demand as a lecturer advertiser, creative writer and in journalism. These are the growing careers that you can adopt. Some graduates also choose to work as a forensic or clinical linguist in hospitals or rehabilitation centers.

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