100 qualities of a person

All people are unique. This statement is due to the difficulty, or rather the impossibility, of finding two people exactly the same one hundred percent. But not only in what is physically equal, but also in qualities, abilities and skills.

But do we really understand what sets us apart? Today in Psychology-Online we want to explain to you what are the qualities that can differentiate some people from others. In addition, at the end of the article you will find a list of the qualities that are usually most present in people with examples.

what are the qualities of a person

According to the Larousse Dictionary of Psychology, the quality You liked that property that characterizes a subject or object . Sometimes it indicates the way of being of an experiential content that is difficult to define, as when talking about the quality of a sound or a feeling.

However, in this article, we will focus on qualities such as those characteristics that are intended to distinguish and define people. . The qualities of a person can be natural from birth or acquired throughout life. Although there are negative qualities, we tend to describe people with the positive qualities that characterize them.

At the same time, it is also necessary to know that the qualities can be objective, that is, they cannot be doubted, since they obey a specific reality, or subjective, which depends on the observer’s point of view.

Are they the same qualities and skills?

Although both concepts are often confused, each one of them has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the other.

As for the qualities, these have the particularity that the characteristic that the individual has tends to differentiate him from others. However, having an ability refers to having a skill or ability that allows you to perform a certain action.

The skills of a person can be classified according to two types, the basic ones, those that allow us to develop in the cognitive field and those that allow us to develop in the professional field:

In cognitive habits We find:

  • intellectual ability
  • Ability to learn
  • psychoanalytic ability

Find out more about cognitive skills here.

While the skills in the professional field are as follows:

  • Digital and information skills
  • Management skills
  • Skills in the social field or social skills.

Skills and the World Health Organization

According to the WHO , there is a list of 10 skills that all people should develop throughout their lives:

  1. Self knowledge
  2. Empathy
  3. Assertive communication
  4. Relationships
  5. Decision making
  6. Problem and conflict resolution
  7. Creative thinking
  8. critical thinking
  9. manage emotions
  10. Managing tensions and stress

What are the qualities of a person: 35 examples

In addition to the 10 qualities that the WHO names, people can have many other characteristics. In the next list we name and define 35 qualities that we can find gifts in people and that make them unique to each one:

  1. Learning: ease of learning in any context of everyday life.
  2. Autonomy: the ability of a person to decide independently and independently. It allows the person not to be influenced and coerced by others.
  3. Goodness: the propensity of a person to be good and, therefore, to do good works. They generally tend to do well.
  4. Compassion: they are people capable of understanding and being kind to others, sharing their pain. You can also direct yourself, that’s called self-pity.
  5. Commitment: person who assumes his goals with enthusiasm and effort.
  6. Eloquence: the ability of some people to express themselves correctly verbally, regardless of the scenario that is presented to them. They are not harmed by physical or psychological defects.
  7. mental flexibilityThey can adapt quickly to new situations that arise.
  8. Strength: essential to face all the obstacles that can be placed in front of you. It refers to emotional and mental strength, as well as physical strength.
  9. Generosity: you have the ability to share what you have with those who have the least, without thinking about your own well-being. With this test you will be able to know your level of altruism and generosity.
  10. Honesty: characterized by not being afraid to tell the truth, he is honest with himself and with others. They tend to build trust.
  11. Modesty: You accept your own strengths and abilities, but do not flaunt them.
  12. Loyalty: Whether it’s to other people or to a specific cause, loyal people have a high level of commitment and sacrifice for it.
  13. Lead: Leadership is the ability to guide others to achieve a common goal. Necessary for those people who want to be leaders.
  14. mental maturity: quality of a person that indicates their ability to act appropriately and correctly in different situations without, in addition, negatively affecting the people around them.
  15. Optimism: the ability to see other people and situations positively. They are usually capable of overcoming failure situations, learning from them for the future.
  16. oratorio: quality of a person who speaks correctly in front of a group of listeners. These people also tend to be very articulate.
  17. Patience: quality of a person capable of waiting for someone or something. It is closely related to the inner strength to suppress immediate needs. Find out how to be more patient here.
  18. Perfectionism: this is not always linked to a positive capacity, since being a very perfectionist person can delay and even prevent the delivery of jobs and projects. However, in its proper measure, it allows a person to seek personal and professional improvement.
  19. Persistence: refers to the constancy of actions to achieve the proposed objective. People with this quality do not allow themselves to be overcome by the adversities that may arise.
  20. Prudence: the person with this quality has the ability to analyze all the existing possibilities in a situation and act in the most favorable way.
  21. realistic: having an adequate notion of the environment, allows its owner, not to be separated from the conditions of the present.
  22. Resilience: You have the ability to overcome traumatic circumstances and use these events as lessons to help you move forward. In the following article, you will find how resilience develops.
  23. I respect: that person with this quality recognizes that their differences with other people are neither better nor worse. This is an essential quality for the social life of an individual.
  24. Responsibility: the commitments are assumed taking into account their own capacities, as well as accepting the possible consequences that the actions to be carried out may generate.
  25. Sensitivity: allows people to show their emotions to external stimuli.
  26. Serenity: reflects the inner calm of people in situations of stress or urgency. This quality is closely linked to self-control.
  27. Tenacity: person who tries hard to achieve the things that are proposed.
  28. Tolerance: This quality allows people to accept other people’s differences by seeing them as normal.
  29. Courage: refers to the resistance that a person has when performing an action. People with this quality can overcome their fears and act decisively and firmly.
  30. versatility: person with the ability to perform multiple actions, functions or tasks without the need to limit himself to just one. This quality is highly sought after in the work environment.
  31. Acceptance: both of reality and of oneself. It is important to differentiate acceptance from resignation. Accepting consists in not fighting against what is not our responsibility to change, but in working to improve what is in our hands.
  32. Gratidão: It consists of valuing and thanking everything we have.
  33. sense of humor: the ability to bring out the funny side and convey joy to other people.
  34. Dignity: respect the rights of each person for the simple fact of being a person. Connect with your dignity and increase your self-esteem.
  35. enthusiasm: positive attitude characterized by motivation and joy.

This article is for information only, at Psychology-Online we are not competent to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to see a psychologist to take care of your particular case.

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