100 Examples of Antonomasia

The  antonomasia  is a rhetorical figure that is characterized by substituting a proper name for an expression. This figure belongs to the tropes type , a type of rhetorical figure that consists of using words in a figurative sense .

For example: La mano de Dios (Maradona, for the goal he scored against the English during the World Cup).

For the antonomasia to make sense for the reader or listener, it is necessary that both (sender and receiver) share certain knowledge of the subject. In this way, the relationship between this rhetorical figure and the proper name on which you are providing information will be clear.

For what do you use it?

  • To highlight a negative or pejorative aspect. For example: Javier, the silent thief with a white glove.
  • To highlight a positive quality. For example: Thomas, the Hercules of the class.

Examples of antonomasia

  1. Air Jordan (Michael Jordan)
  2. Baby Jane (Christina Aguilera)
  3. The dynamic duo (Batman and Robin)
  4. Becks, Spice Boy (David Beckham)
  5. South American Athens (Bogotá)
  6. Rapunzel from school (a girl with long hair)
  7. Divo de Juárez or the Divo of Mexico (Juan Gabriel)
  8. The scourge of God (Attila)
  9. El Bati or Batigol (Gabriel Batistuta)
  10. The Caudillo (Francisco Franco)
  11. The Charro of Huentitan (Vicente Fernández)
  12. Che (Ernesto Guevara)
  13. The chicharito (Javier Hernández)
  14. The commander… Fidel Castro)
  15. The Conqueror, The Bomber of the Andes (Claudio Pizarro)
  16. The CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo)
  17. The Duce (Benito Mussolin)
  18. The White Duke (David Bowie)
  19. The Duke (Miguel Angel Silvestre)
  20. Asparagus (Peter Crouch)
  21. The philosopher (Aristotle)
  22. The Führer (Adolf Hitler)
  23. The Genius of Minneapolis (Price)
  24. The Asian giant (China)
  25. The gourd (David Villa)
  26. The garden of the republic (Tucumán)
  27. The Lizard (Jim Morrison)
  28. The Lynx of Parla (Javier Castillejo)
  29. The madman (Abdala Bucaram)
  30. The magician (Zinedine Zidane)
  31. The Greatest of All Time (Muhammad Ali)
  32. The flea (Leo Messi)
  33. El morocho del Abasto (Carlos Gardel)
  34. The child of Linares or the divo of Linares (Raphael)
  35. The boy (Fernando Torres)
  36. The ten (Diego Armando Maradona)
  37. The kid (Valderrama)
  38. The Foal (Alejandro Fernández)
  39. The teacher (Xavi Herández)
  40. The King of Hollywoo (Clark Gable)
  41. The King of Pop (Michael Jackson)
  42. The King (Elvis Presley)
  43. The Sun of Mexico (Luis Miguel)
  44. Golden Boy (Oscar de la Hoy)
  45. The city of lights (Paris
  46. The Big Apple (New York)
  47. The Iron Lady (Margaret Thatcher)
  48. The Black Panther (Naomi Campbell)
  49. The Princess of Pop (Britney Spears)
  50. The king (Pele).
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