100 Examples of Antonymy

The antonyms are those words whose meanings are opposite each other. For example: light – dark .

Antonyms can be nouns ( start – end ), adjectives ( clean – dirty ), verbs ( buy – sell ) or adverbs ( fast – slow ).

They differ from synonyms , which are those words that have the same meaning, or at least equivalent.

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Types of antonyms

  • Reciprocal antonyms. Neither word could exist without the other. For example: buy – sell; give – receive.
  • Gradual antonyms. Although they are words with opposite meanings, between the two there are gradual terms. For example: black – white (middle term: gray)  or cold – hot , ( middle term: warm) .
  • Complementary antonyms. The existence of one term prevents the other from existing. For example: married – single or dead – alive  ( a person cannot be dead and alive at the same time).

Examples of antonyms

Word Its antonym is …
close far
light darkness
ease difficulty
small big
delete enroll
evaporate solidify
top Start
eventual permanent
implicit explicit
topple institute
overthrow build
shut down to open
accentuate attenuate
inadmissible admissible
defeat triumph
to accept reject
identical different
I owe fertilizer
chance mistake
charity selfishness
die to live
just unfair
fable truth
even unfair
weightless solid
blind seer
work passivity
append disengage
moldable rigid
failed right
put off return
show off go out
hang hook off
training disintegration
irresponsibility responsibility
humor seriousness
war peace
pack unpack
slim thick
deny to access
drop lifting
deprave ennoble
effervescence tranquility
pious impiety
moisten dry off
bored amuse
evacuate to hold back
easy hard
future past
general personal
select common
press break free
hit confuse
equality inequality
stench fragrance
inside Exterior
superiority inferiority
cute ugly
tired rested
man woman
dirty cleansed
wise ignorant
to accuse cover up
cease continue
mess order
imperfection complement
change stay
goodbye Hello
sad happy
glory to embarrass
unexpected provided
global partial
search hide
Justice injustice
weariness joy
satiate limit
access exit
have fun get bored
flexible rigid
pacifier fighter
despise assess
frequent unusual
idealistic rationalist
Sure Dark
feasible unrealizable
to put take out
hot cold
you liar authentic
current past
hygienic unhealthy
to adore hate
effects cause
palate insensitivity
snuggled up erect
excite disappoint
center Bank
battle peace
ice thaw
function fail
hill flat
perceptive clumsy
spare lack
guaranteed uncertain
unlikely probable
guess mislead
to mention hide
shorten enlarge
unskilled skilled
order chaos
educated ignorant
advance to delay
place dislodge
settle uproot
together separated
day night
beautiful ugly
infinity smallness
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More antonyms

  1. Cold – hot.
  2. High Low.
  3. Give – receive.
  4. Buy Sell.
  5. Cute – ugly.
  6. Day Night.
  7. Big boy.
  8. Single married.
  9. Full empty.
  10. Learn – teach.
  11. Odd Couple.
  12. Poor rich.
  13. Hate love.
  14. Darkness – light.
  15. Weak strong.
  16. Peace war.
  17. Far near.
  18. Closed open.
  19. Defeat – triumph.
  20. Dirty clean.
  21. Long short.
  22. Expensive cheap.
  23. Sad, happy.
  24. New old.
  25. Late early.
  26. Good bad.
  27. Fun – boring.
  28. Seer – blind.
  29. Fine – thick.


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