10 ways to stop procrastinating

PROCRASTINATE – ” Do not do today what you can do tomorrow ” is your motto? Your agenda is full of commitments and you can’t keep faith and everyone? Are you always late? Are deliveries to work your nightmare, or do you get caught up in laziness and distractions? Is the art of putting off both work and personal life your modus operandi? Don’t worry, there is more than one solution to the tendency to procrastinate .

Choose the techniques and tips you prefer and try to put them into practice. You will gain valuable time, organize yourself more easily and work better.


Try the Tomato Technique

The tomato technique is used to improve and optimize the management of one’s time , to work less, even if sometimes more intensely, and to have more free time. Thanks to this technique you should be able to complete your tasks by resisting interruptions, focusing on the conclusion and monitoring the progress made. All thanks to a timer that will keep you in line.

Divide the work

If you face a demanding task, break it down into small steps. You can concentrate on one part of the job at a time , so that you feel less crushed by the overall size. With a simple division, everything will seem more manageable, even the most boring parts. Seeing is believing.

Tidy up the desk

Tidy up your desk and create an environment around you that can stimulate you to work without distraction . If you are a freelance and you can organize your office or studio as you prefer, give life to an environment that makes you feel inspired, remembering that you may need some changes to what surrounds you after some time, to avoid boredom . Do you know, then, that growing a plant in the office or on the desk increases productivity?

Create a calendar and stick to it

After dividing your work into many small tasks to be completed in a predetermined period of time, accurately compose your deadline calendar and make sure to respect it as much as possible. Be aware that even a small delay could mess up your perfect roadmap. Calculate contingencies to protect yourself, don’t forget the breaks, but make sure you don’t put off your commitments.

Put priorities at the top of the list

The priority should always be high on your list of commitments. It sounds like a banal piece of advice, but unfortunately often we tend to devote more effort to pleasant tasks, rather than urgent, perhaps unpleasant tasks. But all your attention must be paid primarily to priorities and urgencies, which among other things may be reduced if they are caused by your delays and if you will learn to organize yourself better in time management.

Eliminate distractions

Who works on the computer and who always has the smartphone at hand is one of the best distractions. Non-professional mail accounts, Facebook profiles , blogs and sites added to favorites and social networks in general are the main culprits of the distractions. Try to cancel the sound notifications of social media that you don’t need for work, try to check e-mails on a regular basis, but not compulsively, and remove the PC’s deskpot from anything that could attract your attention and make you lose time.

Talk about your plans

Talk to your friends and family about your plans and goals. In this way you will be obliged to announce them out loud, or otherwise in writing, and you will become aware of them . A further advantage concerns the positive attitude of those around you towards you. Your loved ones will be able to encourage, encourage and help you in the right way if you explain your situation to them.

Be inspired by those who made it

Do you have an important dream but are you afraid that it will be too difficult for you to realize it? Be inspired by those who made it and ask them for useful advice on how to organize the stages that will lead you to fulfill your wishes within a period to be determined. In this way you can organize yourself better and plan your working life and not according to your dreams and goals.

Redefine your goals

If you find yourself procrastinating for an extended period of time, think about it. It may be that the previously set goals no longer match your wishes . Take a break, choose the closest weekend and redefine your goals, desires and expectations related to your career (and not).

Seize the moment

Why do you procrastinate? Perhaps because of the recurring thought that suggests that “this is not the right time to act” . If you realize it, try to seize the moment and don’t waste time. The hours run away and do not return. If he put you to work immediately, the finish line may appear much closer than you think.

Organize pleasant engagements

First duty and then pleasure . Try not to forget it, especially if you are under stress and overwork. It means that after a busy day, you deserve a reward. But your procrastination could blow up not only work deadlines but also pleasant moments to spend relaxing and spending with friends. So organize your agenda enriching it with pleasant moments: leisure appointments will push you to always finish your work on time.

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