Office pain: how to fight back pain and headache at the desk

Office back pain. And then headaches, eye ailments and much more. Who is sitting for a long time at a desk for work is not doing very well. 8 out of 10 employees  have suffered from ailments related to the way they work.In the past three years, according to the analysis, 61% of respondents have experienced back pain , 55% headache, 49% tension or shoulder pain, 49% eye problems, 47% pain neck and 31% pain in the wrist or arm.Among the most frequent habits, however, 97% have that of sitting and not moving, 90% hold a hunched position, 85% cross their legs.

All this, of course, entails high costs in terms of absenteeism due to postural disorders, which are around € 3.36 billion per year.

Health is not just a physical state but a well-being with yourself and in your work environment“, comments Giuseppe Cavuoti, president of Rete Ufficio Italia, the body that organized the event.

Advice against office back pain

If it is the back and all the outbuildings and connected that are annoying in the office there is no other solution than to assume a correct posture before the PC. Only then will many of the ailments be alleviated and many of the burdens on our poor spine will be lightened. So remember to:

  • keep your spine straight
  • get up often and take a few minutes for real back and neck exercises
  • relax your shoulders and don’t stuff your neck
  • against pain in the wrist, occasionally move your hand and fingers in all directions

Tips against office headaches

Most of the time the headache in the office is triggered by factors that go beyond “simple” posture. It is true that it is often and above all the cervical that can cause a more common head ailment, but also other causes, such as stress, lack of sleep or poor nutrition, put us in hand.

  • against stress, try to take back your time and maybe exchange an extra laugh with colleagues talking about other things
  • meditate! There are now the flower of scientific studies that show how meditation is able to keep stress away
  • get up from your desk and get a nice detox tea.
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