10 Ways to Communicate with Customers

In the business of buying and selling goods, surely you will be faced with interacting or talking with customers. As a seller, of course you are required to be able to communicate well with customers, so that later they feel valued.

To do this is indeed tricky, therefore the following will discuss how to communicate with good customers to you all. There are 10 points you can learn, so that later consumers will not run away and want to go back to shop at your place.

  1. Give a Good First Impression

A good way to communicate with customers first is to give them a good first impression. This first impression is very important, because later customers will feel comfortable and valued.

In the increasingly fierce competition of stores, there are often consumers who are looking for sellers who are friendly and polite to help their desires, even though the products offered are ‘a little’ more expensive. Here’s how to create harmony in interpersonal communication that you can apply.

  1. Use Sentences that are Short and Easy to Understand

Do not beat around the bush in conveying information to customers, because they will later be upset and do not understand what you are talking about. You better give a brief and easy to understand explanation.

It is intended that consumers are not dizzy in capturing explanations. That is one form of application of journalistic language in delivering news , and it has become a standard until now so that listeners are not misled by what has been reported.

  1. Give a Smile

With a smile, it will give the impression if you are someone who is friendly and not dirty. If you run a business with an online system it is not possible to implement this, but you can use the smile emoticon facility to show your friendly attitude.

  1. Give Help If Needed

Usually there are some consumers who might ask something or ask for a picture of the original image in your store, so help the wishes of these consumers if you happen to be indeed not busy.

A trivial action, but will give a deep impression to consumers. So keep being friendly and helpful, even if they don’t buy later, they may return to your store.

  1. Use Positive Sentences and Give Praises

The next way to communicate with good customers is to give positive sentences or give them praise, but don’t overdo it. You can give positive words that motivate or build a good mood from them.

Don’t forget to give praise to them to make it more memorable, like ‘Thank you for shopping at our store’. There are some examples of positive messages in business communication that you need to pay attention to and apply as well.

  1. Give Courageous and Dignified Sentences

The point at this point is, try after positioning yourself you want to get service like a seller, this way you will be able to feel how to respect them if you are in position.

  1. Be sincere

Not only for couples, also give sincere attitudes to consumers in serving what their requests. Because by giving a sincere attitude in this service, then one day they will return to visit your shop to buy similar or other items.

Of course this will be inversely proportional if you behave badly to them, consumers will inevitably rush to leave and will not return to visit your store. In addition, there are several other examples of ineffective communication that must be understood and avoided as best as possible in business.

  1. Maintain Emotions

Everyone must have emotions, and this is very dangerous if you can not control it. For example, like at work or in a shop, you have a problem, then suddenly meet with consumers who ask questions about products in your store. Because emotions are not stable.

Then suddenly get upset with the behavior of these consumers and you scold them. This should be avoided, because it could be they will give up and do not want to visit again.

  1. Offer Other Products

Well this method might be rarely done by businesses, where every time a consumer looks for the item they want but doesn’t find in the store, you let it go without offering a similar product.

It never hurts why you offer other products that are similar to the needs of consumers, who knows they are interested and buy it. Of course this method is wiser than letting customers go to other stores, even if they don’t want to, it also doesn’t matter that it’s important that you’ve tried.

  1. Give a Bonus or Discount

It is undeniable, if many people really like gifts. Therefore, you can give gifts to them, you don’t need anything fancy. You can give attractive bonuses or discounts to them.

As much as possible do not tell about the bonus, so that later consumers can be happy to get a surprise from what you provide. This way they will also give positive feedback to you, and maybe will come back to shop at your place again.

Now that’s a little review of how to communicate with customers that can be shared with all of you. In addition, also know the success and failure factors of business communication that you can learn and apply.


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