8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Learning

As we know in the midst of a virus pandemic that is being faced by almost all countries in the world, making the world of education experience a few obstacles. Fortunately, in the current technological development, the problem is a little helped by the existence of an online learning system, so that students do not miss the material.

But in a new thing or habit, there are certainly some advantages and disadvantages of each. Therefore, on this occasion we would like to give a review to you about the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

Advantages of Online Learning

  1. Shorter Study Time

The advantages and disadvantages of the first time is the shorter learning time compared to when learning directly. In addition, because the learning system at home, it will not spend as much time to go to campus or school as usual.

In addition, students also do not need to wait for the arrival of teachers who are sometimes ‘ngaret’ and require a lot of time wasted. There are several time concepts in cross-cultural communication that you can know to broaden your horizons.

  1. Education Becomes More Advanced

By using a learning system like this, at least the education in Indonesia is ‘slightly’ more advanced. One of the advancements meant here is that education in Indonesia is able to utilize the available technology and ways of learning in Indonesia are more varied so that students do not get bored.

  1. Students Are Able to Develop Themselves

Online learning system that does not take much time, allows these students to develop themselves against other things. As an example of reading, drawing, or writing, this way these students are not just learning, they can develop their talents and potential for their future.

With the free time available, they can develop their talents or learn other things that are equally important. For example, such as recognizing more closely related forms of persuasive communication in learning .

Weaknesses of Online Learning

  1. Many tasks accumulate

Not all home learning systems can live in peace, because they are required to do various tasks given by the teachers.

Even time at home was spent by them to do various tasks given by so many teachers. The aim of the instructors by giving this assignment is so that the students still get grades and learning materials in accordance with the existing curriculum.

  1. Suck up Lots of Internet Quota

Usually, this internet package has an active period of 1 month, where the quota given also varies, ranging from moderate to abundant depending on the price. If they usually buy a standard internet quota once a month.

So with this online learning system, they can buy repeatedly, or choose data quota with a larger capacity. This reminds us of the large role of the internet in means of communication .

Likewise for those who use Wifi, because usually the internet limits that have been determined to experience excessive usage, not to mention sometimes Wifi problems caused by service providers or broken cables, of course this is a pretty serious problem.

  1. Learning Materials Hard to Understand

This online learning system needs to be recognized as being very time-saving, but this one learning system is not necessarily effective in receiving material by students. Many have complained, if the way to learn online lately is only in the form of assignments that pile up.

And of course related to this condition apparently makes students more stressed at home. When this happens, maybe this therapeutic communication technique can help you overcome it.

In addition, conditions that are not always conducive can be a challenge for students, because they will certainly find it difficult to be able to grasp the lessons given by the teacher later.

  1. Difficulties in Debating

If in the condition of direct learning, when students have difficulty in capturing the material provided by the teacher or there are differences of opinion, then they can more easily discuss it directly so that later the material presented can be understood.

However, such a thing would be difficult to do in an online learning system. Because by using this way of learning if one person is talking, and the other one is speaking too, then with the limitations of the media the instructor or teacher will be quite difficult to control the situation.

In other words, the voices in the meeting video overlap with each other and only cause noise later. There are indeed some benefits to online communication like that, but there are also many disadvantages if not properly controlled.

  1. Internet Access Difficulties

Not only that, of course there are some of them who have bad internet connections, so it would be difficult to listen to the overlapping sara, of course this condition is not wanted by students and teachers.

With online learning activities recently initiated by the government it was quite successful, although there were many complaints from students and teachers, but this learning system was quite effective in the midst of a pandemic like this.

That is the various kinds of advantages and disadvantages of online learning that you can know well, so you can also consider looking for ways to minimize its shortcomings. In addition, also know the application of online communication that often occurs.


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