10 tricks for a perfect picnic

Are you planning a picnic for one of the next spring weekends? Here are some useful tips for you to organize a perfect picnic both from a practical point of view and in the name of respect for the environment. A picnic can be at the same time green, fun and well organized thanks to some small tricks that you can easily put into practice on Easter Monday, April 25th, May 1st and beyond.

1) Trip out of town

If you organize a trip out of town , try to organize yourself to move in the most ecological way possible, first of all by bicycle or public transport . If your other half is farther away, make sure to travel with as few cars as possible. So your picnic will be really green from the start. If you travel by bicycle, choose the most convenient or nearby park. Remember to give preference to equipped and shaded rest areas, perhaps even for barbecues.

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2) Picnic basket

If you don’t have a real picnic basket at your disposal , equip yourself with different materials and thanks to creative recycling, for example starting from fruit boxes and cardboard boxes. Here you find a useful idea to transform a shoe box into a picnic basket. You could very well reuse old backpacks and travel bags to carry everything you need for your picnic.

3) Organization

When organizing your picnic baskets and any cooler bags, do not forget to follow the correct order when storing the dishes you will prepare. In fact, it will be much more convenient to put the foods that will remain at the bottom of your menu such as fruit and sweets on the bottom. While at the top you will place the first courses, for example the appetizers. Store the drinks on the sides or in a separate container.

4) Monoportions

Another really convenient idea, especially if you will be numerous and if you have children to manage, is to divide into preparations such as focaccias and savory pies, as well as the classic sandwiches. In addition, you can already prepare personalized containers with first and second courses, so that everyone will have their own ready-to-eat lunch box. Then you can arrange additional ingredients and other courses on trays or in bowls to share.

5) Ideas for the menu

The ideas for the Easter Monday picnic menu depend a lot on the tastes and preferences of the participants. In any case, you might think of preparing the classic savory pies with vegetable filling, which will be very good to be enjoyed even cold. The time also comes to show off the classic rice salad, with seasonal vegetables, or to reinvent it with ingredients other than the usual such as spelled, quinoa and barley. For the desserts you can prepare jam tarts and soft cakes, to be served already sliced, without forgetting the fruit salads, perhaps already divided into single-portion containers.

6) Vegan barbecue

Are you thinking of organizing a barbecue picnic in which vegetarians and vegans will participate? Then enrich your menu with alternative grilled foods to meat : vegetables such as courgettes, peppers, aubergines and potatoes, mushrooms, polenta croutons, tofu, seitan, cheese for vegetarians, all accompanied by fresh seasonal salads.

7) Reusable crockery and cutlery

Make sure you avoid disposable tableware, glasses and cutlery as much as possible. Each participant in the picnic may have the task of bringing a knife, fork, spoon and glass directly from home. With the re-usable single-portion containers for the various courses, you will also avoid disposable dishes. Instead of plastic bottles, choose bottles and thermos for drinks. Don’t forget placemats and cloth napkins .

8) Clean the barbecue

Proper cleaning of the barbcecue is essential both before and after cooking food. In fact, any residues present on the grills could compromise the success of the barbecue and above all the wholesomeness of the dishes you will prepare. Bring brushes and scrapers for cleaning the grills, do not use aggressive detergents and bring old kitchen cloths with you to remove traces of grease and grease.

9) Bags for waste

Remember that you will have to leave the place of your picnic as you found it, if not better. So do not forget to protect with you suitable waste bags for separate collection . Bring a bag or even better a bucket that allows you to easily collect the peels of fruit and vegetables or any other organic waste. Avoiding the use-and-throw the waste of your picnic should however be kept to a minimum.

10) And in case of rain?

What to do if the rain spoils the plans for your picnic? The easiest way, given that you probably already have food available – including Easter leftovers – to solve the situation is to gather at a friend’s house to be able to have lunch together even if not in the open air. Then you can start challenges with board games, or you could prepare seed bombs or seedbeds for the vegetable garden (bring everything you need!). What if the forecasts certainly give bad weather in advance? Organize self-production and creative recycling workshops .

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