10 Tips for Separated Parents

The values ​​of respect, communication, responsibility, union, love, solidarity and affection Is called family. Each family is unique and different, instilling these values ​​will make each member a being capable of relating from love, respect and understanding personal differences.

Below I share 5 recommendations for separated parents and make this separation more bearable by avoiding family trauma:

1. Avoid contradictions of rules and discussions in front of your child.

2. In both houses the same habits and routines must be established with the children; that is to say: feeding, meal schedule, study habits, entertainment time among other activities that the child performs, on the contrary if he allows his son to do what he is not allowed in his other home; It is a way to take away authority from the other parent.

3. Avoid using negative phrases from the other parent or making comments that may cause discomfort, discomfort or sadness in your child; On the contrary, try to highlight the positive actions.

4. Both parents must share and make presence in those special moments for their children such as: extracurricular activities, academic events, delivery of notes among other moments. Remember that the separation has been with your ex-partner, but not with your children.

5. It is important that parents reach an agreement regarding the rules and parenting style in order to avoid emotional instability and family trauma.

“The problem is not separation, or divorce, it is simply the way in which this situation is handled in front of children.”

María Alejandra Arciniegas Psychologist

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