6 Tips to Strengthen the Relationship with Your Child

dolescence is the transition period of the human being between childhood and adulthood, in which physical and emotional changes occur.

“The more they develop and grow, the closer they get to maturity”

However, not all adolescents manifest this stage in the same way, some often present at emotional moments of irritability, shyness and insecurity.

The reluctant adolescent is in a habitually complicated moment whose need is to impose at all times his rules, maintaining rejection to the fulfillment of those that the parents establish, wanting to take the opposite and impeding an adequate relationship between parents and children.

Recommendations to strengthen the relationship with your child

The following recommendations may facilitate the handling of the adolescent at home:

  1. Dad and mom avoid the contradictions of rules when establishing them in front of your child.
  2. Create limits and negotiate, for example: Ricardo, 16, wants to attend a party with his friends. The business : it is the way out. The limit : it would be the arrival time.
  3. Share time alonewith your child, being a teenager does not mean that you are not interested in spending time with your parents.
  4. When your child speaks to you; Pay attention, stare, do not interrupt and respect while talking.
  5. Reinforce your qualities,abilities, skills and achievements, do not only accentuate your negative behavior.
  6. Accept your tastes and interests,question what is really important, for example: your behavior at certain times (violence, alcohol, among others).

“Remember that in a hostile environment the teenager will respond defensively, establishing a bond of trust with their children will help them stay closer to them”


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