10 Programs to share your computer screen

Programs to share your computer screen.Are you looking for a program that allows you to share your computer screen with another person? We suggest the most used.For some time now, the Internet has questioned traditional work constraints. The spread of teleworking, favored by the AGILE methodology (the so-called Smart working ), has meant that individuals began to use numerous telematic communication software .

In addition to the well-known programs for sending files to another computer or messaging app for exchanging messages, many workers have begun to use more and more screen-sharing software .
These programs, as we will see shortly, can be useful not only for those who need to use them for work purposes but also for children to study at a distance. In fact, if you are doing a school research or you have to do a group work that involves the creation of a Powerpoint presentation you can use these programs in the same way to share your computer screen with a school friend.

For this reason, we have chosen screen sharing software suitable both for those who need to share the PC screen to a colleague and for students who can use them for school and / or training purposes.

  1. Screen sharing software
    1. Share your screen or window via Skype
    2. Show your PC screen using Zoom.us
  2. Programs to share screen and give control of the PC

Screen sharing software

Many software that perform the function of sharing your screen also allow you to give control of your computer to the other person with whom you are connected. For this reason we have decided to divide these tools into two separate paragraphs. In this first part of the article we will see the programs that only allow the sharing of the screen without giving the possibility to the other to operate our mouse and interact directly with the files on our computer.

Share your screen or window via Skype

Skype is certainly one of the best known software for business videoconferencing. Within this program, however, it is also possible to share the screen of your computer . In fact, it often happens that during a videoconference or a business presentation, you need to show the document you are talking about on the screen. This happens when several teams, working remotely, have to view an Excel file, a brief written in Word, slides prepared in Powerpoint, etc.

Skype performs very well the screen sharing function allowing you to choose which window or document open on your PC to show to the other interlocutor or to the group of people who are participating in the videoconference.

The steps to follow to share your PC screen via Skype are as follows:

  1. Start a normal call via Skype by choosing the individual chat of the interlocutor or the group of people with whom you need to interact;
  2. Press the icon with the two superimposed monitors, located at the bottom right;
  3. Select which part of the screen to show to the interlocutor (you can also choose a specific window corresponding to the program you have opened on the PC locally);
  4. Wait for the interlocutor to receive the screen inside the Skype window;
  5. Continue the video conference with the shared screen.

It is good to remember that the Microsoft software offers this possibility for free , without the need to subscribe to a monthly subscription or to buy credits for phone calls.

Show your PC screen using Zoom.us

Another good program to share the windows of your computer to other interlocutors is Zoom.us . It is a valid alternative to Skype and is widely used in the workplace.
This free version software allows the user to make calls or video calls over the Internet for 30 minutes (by subscribing to the subscription there will be no duration limits).

Using Zoom.us is very simple and intuitive. If you are not registered, you will first need to go to the manufacturer’s website to download the Zoom software or application . If you log in for the first time, you will be asked to register by indicating your details or by quickly registering via Gmail or Facebook. Then in a few minutes you will be able to use Zoom.us.

The Zoom home screen allows you to:

  • Start a new call / video call (New meeting);
  • Join another call / video call already started by another user (Join);
  • Schedule a call / video call (Schedule);
  • Share screen.


As you can guess from the rumors, screen sharing is already present among the four main actions offered by Zoom.us. By clicking on “Share screen” you will be asked for the ID of the meeting for which to share the screen. Alternatively, if you are the one to initiate a call / video call you will have to tap on “New meeting”, then:

  • Invite another user via username, email or by sharing the meeting link or ID;
  • Started the meeting, the “Share screen” option in the center of the window;
  • Select the screen of your PC to share with the other users of the meeting;
  • Continue the videoconference as normal.

Programs to share screen and give control of the PC

If the need is not only to show what you are viewing on your screen at the time of a call or video conference but to give control of your computer to the other interlocutor, you can use different software.

Below we will go to see the most used software in the world to remotely control your computer to another user . To start, go to the TeamViewer website , the program in question, and download the software. Before seeing in detail how to use TeamViewer it is important to know that in order to use this software and give control of your PC to another individual you must both have this program installed.

TeamViewer offers its users the ability to create meetings , then calls or video conferences through which they can share their screen . To do this, just:

  1. Go to the meetingsection ;
  2. Start the call or video call, sharing the meeting ID with the other user;
  3. Click on “Screen Sharing” and select what to show to the other person;
  4. Continue the meeting and share the window open on your PC.

Instead, to give the other person control of your PC just start the “remote control” on the main screen. The other user will have to connect to your PC (or vice versa, i.e. you can connect to a friend’s PC) by entering the computer ID and temporary password.

Wait for the connection to view the other person’s screen in a few seconds and to be able to move the mouse directly remotely.

Well, now that you know the most useful and functional software to show a window on your computer during a video call, you just have to use them for work  or school purposes and improve your productivity!

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