10 Pakistani English Examples

Certainly! Pakistani English, also known as Paklish or Paki English, has distinct features and vocabulary influenced by native languages, primarily Urdu. Here are 10 examples of Pakistani English used in the context of a fictional blog post:

Pakistani English Examples

Pakistani English in Our Everyday Lives

Ever thought about how our unique brand of English, Paklish, stands out from the rest? Here are some delightful examples:

  1. “Kindly do the needful.” One of my favorite expressions! While it might sound archaic to a native English speaker, it’s a polite way of asking someone to take care of a task.
  2. “He is sitting on the shop.” Instead of saying “He is at the shop,” we have this descriptive version. Picture it: someone lounging atop a shop roof, taking in the view!
  3. “She gave me a tight slap.” This one’s for emphasis. A slap is one thing, but a tight slap? That surely left a mark.
  4. “My cousin brother is coming to visit.” This phrase, a direct translation from Urdu, specifies the gender of the cousin in question, something English typically leaves ambiguous.
  5. “I’ll give you a ring tomorrow.” No, I’m not proposing. It just means I’ll call you on the phone!
  6. “Your dress is very out-class!” A uniquely Paklish compliment, where “out-class” means something is outstanding or superior.
  7. “He made a scene at the market.” Ah, the drama! Instead of saying someone created a public disturbance, we opt for the more theatrical version.
  8. “She has a mind of putting me down.” This one’s a direct translation. It means she intends or has a tendency to belittle or mock me.
  9. “The player played a good inning.” Cricket, our favorite sport! In standard English, they’d say “innings” even for a single player’s performance, but we like to keep things straightforward.
  10. “Yar, let’s have a burger party tonight!” ‘Yar’ is our endearing term for a friend, borrowed from Urdu. And no, we’re not necessarily talking about fast food. Homemade spicy beef or chicken burgers are quite the trend!

In conclusion, Pakistani English, with its quirks and idiosyncrasies, adds color and flavor to our conversations. Whether you’re a fan or a critic, it’s an integral part of our linguistic landscape. So, let’s embrace our unique blend and continue the tradition of Paklish!

I hope this provides an insight into some of the delightful nuances of Pakistani English!

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