20 Examples of Interrogative Adverbs in English

It is said that a question mark is closed when it allows answers of the type “yes” and “no”. When a question is open or informative, you require more information in your answer. In English, open questions are also called ” wh questions ” because the pronouns and adverbs used to formulate them begin with the letters “wh”, in addition to how.

In other words, almost all interrogative adverbs in English begin with wh:

  • When : When
  • Why: Why
  • Where : Where
  • How : How

“How” is a special interrogative adverb since it can be accompanied by adjectives to ask ” to what extent “. In this way, how is used to ask for age, height, distance, etc.

It can also be used to form other interrogative adverbs:

  • How much : how much
  • How many : how many

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Examples of questions with interrogative adverbs:

  1. Where are they going? (Where are you going?)
  2. How many cups of flour do you use for this recipe? (How many cups of flour do you use for this recipe?)
  3. Why did you lie? (Why did you lie?)
  4. When did you go to Paris? (When did you go to paris?)
  5. How tall are you? (How tall are you?)
  6. When will I get a promotion? (When will I get a promotion?)
  7. Where will we go for dinner? (Where are we going to have dinner?)
  8. How old is your brother? (How old is your brother?)
  9. Where do you like to shop? (Where do you like to shop?)
  10. How old is that building? (How old is that building?)
  11. When did you last see him? (When did you last see it?)
  12. How far is his office from his house? (How far is your office from your home?)
  13. How did you cook the chicken? (How did you cook the chicken?)
  14. When will she return? (When will he return?)
  15. Where did you leave the keys? (Where did you leave the keys?)
  16. How much sugar do you eat daily? (How much sugar do you eat daily?)
  17. When do you do your homework? (When do you do your homework?)
  18. How much did you pay for your car? (How much did your car cost you?)
  19. Why is he angry? (Why is he angry?)
  20. When was she born? (When was born?)

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