10 must-see teen series on Disney Channel

From the age of nine or ten, the smallest of the house do not always want to see cartoons, but there are many youth comedies that are designed for that age and with all kinds of themes. For preadolescents, for boys and girls of eleven or twelve years. From boarding schools where dance and music are at the center to other comedies about time travel, giant robots or secret missions. These are some of the best preteen and teen Disney Channel series that we can see on Disney Plus.

Beyond classics such as Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire, there are many other youth comedies that can be seen on Disney Plus if you are looking for stories that you do not know or are looking for something adapted to the times: teenage youtubers, current stories and with new protagonists.

Music and dance series

There are many series for preadolescents and youth comedies where the protagonists are dancers and dancers, they sing, they act …

Penny at MARS

Penny on MARS is a music and dance series, a classic Disney Channel teen and youth series in the Rebelde Way style. MARS gives its name to this series and is a school of music and the arts. Specifically, the most important in the country. She will be joined by Penny , the daughter of a current pop star. She arrives with her friend Camila at this “art” boarding school where they will have to learn to live with other young people their age while continuing to rehearse, sing and put into practice everything they know about music. New friends, new enemies and teenagers dancing everywhere. Unlike others, such as the aforementioned Rebelde Way, MARS is not a school for rich children but highly talented scholars.

Platform:  Disney +

Year : 2018 – 2019

Chapters : Two seasons, 26 chapters

Duration : About 25 minutes per episode

Theme : Music, dance / Youth and adolescent series

Recommended age : For all audiences

See Penny in MARS on Disney Plus

Shake it up

If you liked Hannah Montana years ago, Shake It Up is a Disney Channel youth sitcom and musical comedy released in 2010 that you will also like. Or that the tweens in your family will like today. CeCe Jones and Raquel Rocky Blue are the protagonists. The two are friends, they are dancers and have just been hired as showgirls in a dance program for teenagers . Zendaya and Bella Thorne bring these rhythmic, adventurous and showy characters to life who dream of becoming professional dancers.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2010 – 2012

Chapters : Three seasons

Duration : About 25 minutes per episode

Theme : Music and dance / Zendaya and Bella Thorne

Age : For all audiences

See Shake it up on Disney Plus

Austin and Ally

One of the great classics among the Disney Channel youth series is Austin and Ally. Music is the epicenter of this teen and pre-teen sitcom that premiered on the channel ten years ago. Set in Miami and with more than 80 episodes, A ustin and Ally are two very different musicians who have just met. Austin Moon is partying and outgoing and Ally is a shy songwriter with stage fright.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2011 – 2016

Chapters : Four seasons, 86 episodes

Duration : Between 20 and 30 minutes per chapter

Theme : Teen comedy about music

Age : For all audiences

See Austin and Ally on Disney +

Sitcom, internet and social networks

The protagonists of these series create content on the Internet, have television programs where they interact with their fans, etc.

Coop and Cami

Current and adapted to the times is Coop and Camy, a series starring two youtubers brothers. Cooper and Cameron Wrather are in high school (like most of the protagonists on this list) but they also have an online show where they will ask viewers questions to “solve” day-to-day problems. A youthful and pre-adolescent sitcom that adapts to the times and shows us a hectic home in which there is no lack of social networks and the Internet in a format in which the question is always asked: What do you prefer?

Platform:  Disney +

Year : 2018

Chapters : One season, 21 episodes

Duration : About 25 minutes per chapter

Theme : Youth Sitcom / Humor

Recommended age : For all audiences

See Coop and Cami on Disney +


Another preteen and teen sitcom on Disney Chanel is Bizaardvark. The protagonists are two young people from high school: Frankie and Paige. They are best friends, they share a class and they also share a channel on the Internet where they upload videos of themselves making all kinds of songs to the “Vuugle” platform. Now they have been hired by the company to develop their content and they will face a new challenge as videobloggers where they will share time and space with other boys and girls like them.

Platform:  Disney +

Year : 2016 – 2018

Chapters : Three seasons, 63 episodes

Duration : About 25 minutes per chapter

Theme : Music / Youth Sitcom

Recommended age : For all audiences

See Bizaardvark on Disney Plus

Just like me!

They are adolescent videobloggers who meet every week to record videos, to share anecdotes, to exchange experiences. A kind of youthful Friends for all audiences adapted to today. A comedy with six very different protagonists but they all share passion and they all meet at “the juice bar” weekly to talk about daily life, about what has happened to them. Or even to challenge yourself and see who manages to reach specific followers first.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2016 – 2017

Chapters : Two seasons, about 70 episodes

Duration : About 12 minutes per episode

Topic : Teen bloggers / Videobloggers / Internet

Age : For all audiences

See Just Like Me! on Disney Plus

Action, adventure and science fiction

Beyond comedies and musicals, there are many Disney Channel youth and pre-adolescent series where we find superpowers, robots, secret missions. Without leaving aside people who are around thirteen or fourteen years old and have a “normal” life beyond their responsibilities.

KC Special Agent

If you are looking for a pre-adolescent or adolescent series on Disney Channel without falling into music or dance, there are also them. Specifically, KC Cooper’s is one of the best if you’re looking to change the theme. She is a normal and ordinary student for the others, but, in reality, Cooper is a new secret agent of the government who is being part of a family of spies and learning to infiltrate and overcome each mission. Zendaya is the lead (again) in this teen comedy with three seasons on Disney +

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2015 – 2017

Chapters : Three seasons, 81 episodes

Duration : Around 25 minutes per chapters

Theme : Action and adventure / Spies / Youth comedy

Age : For over six years

See KC Special Agent on Disney +

The Evermoor Chronicles

Science fiction, magic, mystery, fantasy… The Crossley family is the protagonist of this mystery series for those over nine years old. They must get adjusted in their new town: Evermoor . Beyond the difficult adaptation to a new place when you are a teenager (sibling rivalries, fights, high school loves …) Tara Crossley also faces her powers, which she wants to be able to control in order to have a normal life

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2015 – 2017

Chapters : Two seasons, about 30 episodes

Duration : Around 22 minutes or 23 minutes per chapter

Theme : Fantasy, powers, family comedy

Age : For over nine years

View The Evermoor Chronicles on Disney Plus


An action-adventure series starring Ryan Walker. He is thirteen years old and will begin to pilot a giant combat robot, the MECH X-4. This giant combat robot will try to fight against the monsters that appear in Bay City in a pre-adolescent production for lovers of science fiction for all audiences, of action, adventure and technology. There are superpowers, robots and villains but without being a special series for adults.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2016 – 2017

Chapters : Two seasons, 37 episodes

Duration : About 25 minutes per chapter

Theme : Action, adventure, superheroes, science fiction, robots

Age : For over nine years

See MECH X4 on Disney +

Untimely friends

Time travel is the focus of this youth comedy starring two friends, Cyd and Shelby. They now have the power to travel back in time and will use it all they can to solve their day-to-day problems. They will be able to cheat on exams, they will be able to take revenge or they will be able to discover other times . Although their power to travel does not always work as they want and they will not always do it voluntarily … It is a classic sitcom of friends but with that different touch of science fiction to get away from the usual.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2015 – 2016

Chapters : Two seasons, about 22 episodes

Duration : About 25 minutes per chapter

Theme : Time travel, comedy, friendship

Age : For all audiences

See Out of Time Friends on Disney Plus

Other family sitcoms

Adventures with family or friends, funny series of all themes and other youth comedies that we can see on Disney Plus.

Liv and Maddie

Liv and Maddie’s family story is the story of this series named after the fifteen-year-old twins. His day to day with his parents Pete and Karen and with his little brothers, Joey and Parker. A large family and daily situations as in most sitcoms … Day to day, teenage problems, decisions, love, friends.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2013 – 2016

Chapters : Four seasons

Duration : About 25 minutes per chapter

Theme : Family life / Sitcom

Age : For all audiences

See Liv and Maddie on Disney Plus


Jessie is another of the Disney Channel classics if you are looking for pre-teen or teen series. Released in 2011 and with more than 100 episodes on the channel. Jessie is the protagonist. She is the nanny for the Ross family, a famous New York family that she must take care of when her parents are away. He will take care of Emma, ​​Ravi, Luke and Zuri. Biological and adopted children of the Ross who will have to follow Jessie’s instructions in their day-to-day lives.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2011 – 2015

Chapters : Four seasons, 101 episodes

Duration : About 25 minutes per episode

Theme : Comedy and family sitcom

Age : For over 12 years

See Jessie on Disney Plus

Kikiwaka Camp

As a spin-off of the previous one, Camp Kikiwaka is also less known but another of the best youth or pre-adolescent series on Disney Channel to watch as a family. The previous one is classified as “for people over 12 years old” but Kikiwaka Camp is for all audiences and shares protagonists. In this case, Jessie will not be with the children but Emma, ​​Zuri and Ravi will spend a summer of rural life and cabins in the camp that gives its name to the production. Competition, friends, adventure and rural life in more than 50 episodes.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2015 – 2018

Chapters : Three seasons, 58 episodes

Duration : 25 minutes

Theme : Adventure, summer, friendship

Age : For all audiences

See Camp Kikiwaka on Disney Plus

Mother & daughter

The mother and daughter relationship is not always simple and we see it in this family comedy by Isabelle and Barbara. Isabelle is a single mother and Barbara is her teenage daughter. A French series in which Barb is played by Lubna Gourion (also e Baron Noir) and gives life to a 14-year-old high school girl in the middle of an adolescent crisis. HER mother, near forty and played by Isabelle Desplantes, struggles to continue feeling like a young woman. A series of Disney Channel France that we can see through Disney Plus. Very short episodes if we are looking for something entertaining and easy to see in short film format of only five or six minutes for each chapter.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2012

Chapters : One season, 26 episodes

Duration : Only four, five or six minutes per story or chapter

Theme : Family Comedy

Age : For all audiences

See Mother and daughter on Disney Plus


SO RANDOM is a television show that Sunny has just arrived on . The protagonist has moved to Wisconsin with her mother and begins a new life, an adaptation to new friends and a new home. A television program with magic, humor, dance and comedy in a sitcom for all audiences where there are special guests and youth and adolescent idols.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2011

Chapters : One season, 26 episodes

Duration : About 25 minutes per chapter

Theme : TV show and teen comedy

Age : For over six years

See So RANDOM on Disney Plus

ANT Farm. Talent School

Olive, Fletcher and Chyna Parks are the protagonists of a youth series. Looking more childish than other protagonists on this list, the three children are part of the new ANT program or, in other words, the Natural Aptitudes and Talents program. They have been advanced from the course and will now have to live with classmates and older students but they are together and can support each other. Day to day in high school.

Platform : Disney Plus

Year : 2011 – 2013

Chapters : Three seasons, about 65 episodes

Duration : About 25 minutes per chapter

Theme : Institute

Age : For over 9 years


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