10 exercises to do with a bottle of water to get back in shape

Let’s try to get back in shape from home with some simple exercises to do with a bottle of water . Are you ready to train? The water bottle becomes a small weight to be lifted to train the muscles.

If you have already started your workout to get back in shape or if you are organizing yourself, try to insert in your training table some simple exercises for which you will only need one or two full bottles of water.Before starting the exercises with the bottle of water do not forget to do a little warm-up with simple movements and with a jog on the spot. Perform exercises of rotation of the wrists, shoulders and ankles to set the limbs and joints in motion. With your legs and arms you can perform forward and backward jerks.

When performing exercises with bottles of water, it is useful to position yourself on a non-slip mat or use a comfortable chair , as indicated in the video tutorials that you will find below. Usually 1 liter or half liter bottles of water are used depending on the type of exercise to be performed. Water bottles must be full and tightly closed.

Those who are already trained with water bottles create real do-it-yourself weights by filling them with sand, but in this case simple water bottles of the size that best fit your hands are enough.

Remember that bottles of water are useful for training because the recovery of the muscles does not depend only on the weight to be lifted but also on the repetition of the exercise.

Here are some easy exercises to put into your workout to get back in shape.


Abdominal crunch

Lie on the mat with your knees bent and your legs slightly apart. Hold in your hands a bottle of water that will help you do your abs. Rhythmically lift your back trying to bring your arms towards your knees. Practice 2 sets of 10 reps .

water 1

Pectoral exercise

This exercise involves the chest, shoulders and triceps. You will need two bottles of water to grab with your hands. They will act as a weight for the arm movements to be performed as in the image. Thanks to this exercise you will strengthen and tone your pectoral muscles. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

water 2

Bicycle exercise

Here is an exercise that involves both the legs and the arms and that makes the abs work. You will have to alternate the movements of the legs and arms trying to keep your back straight and to stay in balance as in this image . Facilitate your balance by trying to keep your gaze fixed on an observation point of your choice for each side you will look towards. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

water 3

Exercise with lateral lifting

It is an exercise designed to strengthen the arms and to improve balance that you can easily perform with two half-liter bottles of water that you will have to lift sideways. Finding your balance position is very important to perform the exercise well. Try to keep yourself in a stable and comfortable position by using a non-slip mat. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

acqya 4

Lifting and rotating exercise

This exercise requires you to make lifting movements of the arms holding a bottle of water in your hands and rotating movements of the torso to train both the arms and the back. Practice the exercise 6 times to the right and another 6 times to the left. The advice is to alternate the sides, performing the movements once to the right and once to the left and counting 12 total repetitions.

water 5

Workout with bottles to sculpt the body

Having a body sculpted from head to toe is no longer a luxury for the few and can also become reality for all women with a few simple and easy moves. To hit the target you don’t need to go to the gym or use any type of equipment; everything you need is at your fingertips! The useful tools to perform this workout are: a chair and two bottles of water. The workout proposed in the video is low impact and suitable for all women, especially those who approach the world of fitness for the first time. It is recommended to perform a few minutes of stretching at the end of the training routine.

Exercises with bottles to tone your arms

Here is a video showing a series of exercises to be practiced with bottles or weights . The exercises are designed for those who want to tone their arms. Everyone can practice them using simple bottles of water, even without having the pesetti at home. Start your workout here to tone and strengthen your arms.

Exercises with two bottles and a chair

Two bottles and a chair are the tools you just need to train your arms and tone your muscles . This video is dedicated to people who don’t have the time and money to go to the gym but still want to train at home. It is important to be able to get a stable and suitable chair that will help you maintain the correct position and straight back.

Exercises for biceps

With two bottles of water you can perform exercises to tone and strengthen the biceps . These exercises are dedicated to those who want strong and toned arms and to those who want defined muscles. These are exercises to be practiced at home or in the gym recommended by a personal trainer. To start your training with water bottles, watch the video.

Exercises for firming the arms

To firm up and slim your arms, the personal trainer’s advice is to perform these exercises twice a week . You can perform this workout for the muscles of the arms at home with small dumbbells but also without tools using small bottles of water . The exercises are particularly suitable for women but are also good for men who want to tone and define the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Watch the video to start training.

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