10 Business Communication Variables

Communication has become an important part of human life. Communication becomes a need that is almost equivalent to human needs for clothing, food and shelter. Humans who have a nature as social creatures need communication to interact with others. Especially in the era of sophisticated development of communication technology in Indonesia as it is now making humans can not be separated from communication activities.

Almost every day humans do communication both on a small scale or large scale. Each of the communication that humans can intertwine in various ways and also a variety of purposes. Communication has now become an interesting multidisciplinary to learn from various aspects of life. One of them is business.

Business is one area that requires the people involved in it to think creatively to create their own peculiarities and so that they do not quickly fade. Today, not a few people prefer to get involved in this field. Flexible working time is one of the factors that makes people flock to pursue this field. There are even those who are willing to swerve from office employees to become entrepreneurs.

Not a few people are also successful after plunging into this field, because the field is broad and does not limit creativity in thinking. Various business ventures slowly but surely began to emerge whether the culinary field, fahsion, services, and so forth. Even some employers are able to open up jobs by recruiting many employees. This is good for the development of the Indonesian economy. Right now, the government is also promoting to improve the creative industry.

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Business communication

In the business field, communication is a very important thing to be interpreted. How a business person or company attracts consumers by way of promotion or other ways and how a business actor cooperates with clients. Increasingly strong competence so that the right strategy is needed to create a good relationship between business people with consumers, clients, organizations and so forth.

According to William Albig, business communication is the exchange of information, ideas, opinions, instructions that have a specific purpose that is presented personally or impersonal through symbols or signals. In business communication, there are at least 3 main objectives to be realized:

  1. Providing information (informing), because communication will occur if there is a message or information that really wants to be conveyed. For example, a business person or company wants to market a new product, then they will place an advertisement about the new product information. However, it should be noted that each media has advantages and disadvantages and we must be clever in choosing the most appropriate media to use.
  2. Giving persuasion (persuading),done so that what you want to convey can be understood correctly by the recipient. This is usually done to confirm customer order confirmation so that no party feels disadvantaged.
  3. Doing collaboration (collaborating), done in order to facilitate the business cooperation. Collaboration is carried out with the aim of getting benefits between the two parties.

Business Communication Variable

In business communication also needs to be considered and examined the variables in business communication. Following are 10 business communication variables:

  1. Variable Source or communicator

The first business communication variable is the communicator variable. Because the communicator is the first party that encourages communication. In addition, the status and strength of the communicator also affects the reception of the message by the recipient of the message. Therefore the communicator’s credibility greatly influences the communicant’s reaction and response. This credibility is usually assessed through expertise, trustworthiness and dynamism and can be individualized.

  1. Message or information variables

In communication, of course there are messages or information that communicators want to convey to others both from the company to consumers, companies to other companies, people to companies, etc. This message can be conveyed with certain symbols or signals and more generally uses verbal communication using words. Messages consist of verbal messages and non verbal communication messages . You can choose it or use both according to your needs to make the communication process effective .

  1. Variable recipient or communicant

The communicant factor is important because it determines how we communicate. In communication studies there is even the term audience analysis where studies are conducted to find out the audience profile so that it can be determined how the communication is most appropriate with the audience. In the business field, analysis of consumer behavior for example. There are various techniques that you can use to do the analysis.

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  1. Context Variables

The context in communication can be natural or deliberately created. The natural context occurs in a normal everyday environment. While the context that was deliberately created was planned such as meetings for business lunch, golf games, gathering, meetings at tourist attractions, etc. Communication context is an important variable that greatly influences communication success. In a formal context, communication activities can usually be controlled by time and formal speech.

  1. Variable means

In the communication that takes place a media channel or means to connect the communicator with the masses or many people. The media is commonly known as mass media. But apart from that it can also use lines such as telephone. You can choose the channel you will use by taking into account the message factor and also the receiver variable. If your target recipients are large numbers and are not static or don’t live in the same place then you can use telephone or mail. But now, we have greatly facilitated the internet network that integrates audio-visual and interactive message communication.

  1. Effect variable

Effects become variables that are also important to note. This effect can be from not knowing to knowing, changing attitudes or behavior, etc. However, these effects can also be to strengthen the positive image of the organization. In essence, in a communication that is carried out there is something expected by the communicant after the communication is done. What is expected usually refers to organizational goals.

Thus 6 important business communication variables in business communication according to Rossenbalt. You should consider these variables when conducting business communication so that your goals and expectations in communicating can be achieved.


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