12 Advantages of Personal Selling Strategies in Increasing Brand Awareness

Personal selling strategy is a form of strategy in business communication that is used to introduce products and attract buyers. Personal selling strategy is done by communicating personally to the buyer. Personal selling strategies like this are usually also used to increase brand awareness or brand awareness towards consumers. To better understand it, here are 12 strengths of personal selling strategies to increase brand awareness:

  1. Get to know consumers directly

Personal selling, of course, must be done by getting closer to consumers directly. In this way, the company will be easier to recognize consumers. The wants and needs of consumers will also be more easily known by the company.

A direct approach like this will make it easier for companies to classify consumers and determine future sales targets.

  1. Easier to influence

In contrast to other business communications that use internet media or advertisements on television, personal selling has other advantages that the communication media do not have. Personal selling is able to influence consumers directly.

Giving effect in the form of a persuasion sentence to buy the product offered will be far more effective compared to promoting through advertising in any media. But it also requires a truly reliable ability to attract buyers.

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  1. Consumers more easily know about the product

In addition to being able to exert influence on buying decisions by consumers, personal selling also has advantages to make consumers more easily know various things about the product in more detail.

With the knowledge held by the sales or seller, consumers can ask various things about products that are not understood. In this way, consumers will become more interested in knowing more about the product.

  1. Consumers more easily submit complaints

Not only is it easy to find out about products, but consumers can also easily submit various comments or complaints about the products offered. Sales or sellers will explain directly about complaints submitted so consumers become more interested in knowing about the product because they get good and fast service.

  1. It’s easier to introduce new products

Not only introducing products that have been known by consumers, but also introducing products that may have never been seen by consumers at all. The introduction of products to consumers using personal selling strategies will increase consumer brand awareness quickly.

Consumer ignorance of new products will soon be overcome by personal selling. Consumers can see and even touch these new products so that consumers become more interested in buying.

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  1. Consumers can try the sample first

Personal selling strategy can also provide other things that are always awaited by consumers, namely the sample. The consumer will usually remember the product more if he has felt the product itself and one of them is to use a sample.

Even though it is trivial, the use of samples in increasing brand awareness has a big influence. Consumers who have felt the product will find it easier to recognize the same product wherever it is located.

  1. Consumers are easier to remember products

Experience with sales who do personal selling to consumers can also increase brand awareness. For example, when someone shop at a shopping center and then a sales person offers a product as well as a sample, then later on the consumer will easily remember the product that was explained to him. Maybe his experience with a sales person is one of the moments that makes consumers not forget the products offered.

  1. Consumers more easily choose 

When the products offered by sales are products with a variety of choices, then the consumer does not need to be confused anymore to choose which products he will offer. Consumers will easily get advice from sales who do personal selling.

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  1. Get loyal customers

Personal selling is not just a relationship or a brief communication that occurs only once. Personal selling should be done continuously to maintain consumers to become loyal consumers.

The good relationship that exists between consumers and personal selling sales will have a good impact on brand awareness as well as product sales. Sales are expected to be able to continue to provide services both before purchase and after product purchase.

  1. Sales are more focused

Personal selling will also make sales or salespeople become more focused on selling. This will certainly have a good impact on increasing brand awareness because sales will continue to look for and retain the consumers that they have gained.

Sales do not need to divide the task to search for new customers continuously because he can focus more on retaining old customers by continuing to provide stimulation to make continuous product purchases.

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  1. Improve product image

Sales success in introducing products well to consumers will also help to improve product image. Sales who are able to provide an explanation of the advantages and influence consumers to make purchases will increase brand awareness through the image of a product that has risen.

Therefore, it is very necessary that salespeople are truly reliable and competent in conducting personal selling. The selection of sales will determine the image of the product and the company going forward.

  1. Help consumers achieve top of mind

The level of brand recognition consists of 4 stages. And the highest stage where consumers no longer need any help to recognize a product is the top of mind stage. With the help of personal selling continuously, then consumers will automatically be able to recognize the product without any assistance.

Even consumers will be able to distinguish brands they recognize from other brands. At this stage, consumers will find it easier to be loyal to brands that they already know well.

That’s 12 strengths of personal selling strategies in increasing brand awareness. Thus this short article. I hope this article is helpful for all of us.


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