10 beach games to play at no cost

There are really many beach games in which adults and children can participate and thanks to which we can all have fun with carefree at no cost or in any case spending very little because in fact good company is enough to have fun at the sea.

How to spend time on the beach after lunch and during the afternoon when it is not time to take a new dip? Try to remember the games you loved as a child and try them again with your children or with friends. So your holidays will be even more fun.

Here are 10 fun games to play on the beach at no cost in which everyone can really participate, just want to go back at least a little bit.


sand castles

In the first place, the classic of beach game classics cannot be missing: making sand castles with a bucket and playing with molds . Children have a great time and the grown-ups can help them build ever more beautiful castles or face challenges between those who create the largest or most complicated sand castle.

Marbles track

Did you know that there is a world championship of beach marbles ? Maybe you had played as a child when your parents built a marble track for you on the sand. All you have to do is recover your old marbles and get back to work.

Beach volley

And for those who love volleyball, the beach version of this wonderful sport, beach volleyball, cannot be missing . Many beaches are equipped with nets to separate the two teams and therefore you will only have to bring the ball, choose your companions and opponents and start challenging yourself in a nice tournament that will animate your beach holidays.

Beach volley


Here is another game that can not miss during your beach holidays: rackets . They are easily found for both adults and children and the challenges are always a lot of fun, just be careful not to hit the umbrella neighbors. Once you buy the rackets you can keep them and use them after holidays.

Treasure hunt in the sand

This is a game that you can easily organize for your children or grandchildren. Draw a circle or square on the surface of the sand to mark your treasure chest. Dig and hide some small objects such as molds or balls and invite the children to find them using their hands or the sand spade.

Card game

When you are on the beach with friends, card games cannot be missing . You could bring a simple deck of cards for the kids and another more complete deck of cards for the grown-ups who can have fun with the classic beach challenge at Scala 40 (or the card game you prefer).

play cards

Tug of war

The tug of war becomes very fun if on the beach you have managed to form a large company and therefore you can divide into two or more teams. The rope can simply be a long jump rope.


You can offer the Memory or another pocket table game that is easy to take to the beach when the time comes for the children to stay in the shade in peace. Memory and other similar games are also suitable as a simple pastime for adults.

Names, things, cities

Do you remember this game? Maybe he kept you company when you were children during the beach holidays or during the trip to reach the destination of your holidays. So if you want to experience it again don’t forget to bring pen and paper to the beach . Here are some useful tips to become real champions in this game.

Capture the Flag

And finally here is a dynamic game suitable for bringing together all the children of the beach but also adults who want to have fun like when they were little. Just form the classic two teams and have a scarf, a handkerchief or a bandana available to use as a flag .

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