Zoom, how to share cloud services files

The popular Zoom video calling platform has been at the center of some security issues in recent weeks that have made its use more complicated.

Especially because of the unpleasant episodes of “Zoom Bombing” which had complete unknown protagonists who appeared during the video meetings of the users.

In an effort to get the application back to normal, the Zoom team made some essential changes to sharing files with video call participants, blocking them from being sent for more than a month. A fairly drastic move, which however had the advantage of warding off many “intruders” who took advantage of Zoom’s security holes to invite themselves and send material not inherent to the call.

After the state of emergency, for a few days it has been possible to resend our files stored on the main cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box, both from our PC and from the smartphone app. However, as some of us may have noticed, this option is only available for sending from our devices: to share from the cloud it is necessary to configure Zoom as explained below.

First of all, we will have to integrate the cloud services that we have decided to use to share files on Zoom into the platform. The video meeting administrator will have to access the official website (Zoom.us) and then will have to select the Advanced> Integration item by activating the desired hosting types.

Then the admin will have to access the account settings and activate the File Transfer option, available in the “Meeting” tab. Now, Zoom should be prepared to share local files and cloud files without any problem: we just need to open the chat screen and click on the ‘File’ button, to select the source of the content to share.

All those who participate in the videoconference will instantly receive the file, and of course they will be able to share others of their choice. The option, remember, is also accessible from the app, but we will have to update to the latest version available to use it.


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